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Harbor Freight Black Friday Ad Posted


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I know! There is one here and I've never stepped foot in it. Maybe I will this year. LOL

We had one open here in July. I was so excited while watching it be built. But yeah I've never gone now that it's open.


Interesting with this week's ad being so similar. A lot of the small stuffs on sale have coupons this week for the same price. I might just run up there tomorrow and grab the one thing I saw and check that off the list!

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I happened to be looking at this weeks HF ad when I opened the BF ad.  What a joke!  That 4000 watt generator is $10 less this week.  The solar panel kit is $10 less.  No free light.  No 20% off coupon.  I guess everyday is BF at HF.


Yea I know how you feel. Last year I saw this https://www.harborfreight.com/step-stool-working-platform-66911.html?_br_psugg_q=ladder

for $19.99 I though it was a good deal until I found out Lowe's had this one for the same price https://www.lowes.com/pd/Werner-1-71-ft-x-1-ft-x-20-56-in-225-lbs-Aluminum-Work-Platform/999946108

Way longer taller.now granted HF is calling it a step stool but come on bang for buck the one in Lowe's is a better deal and you find more projects to use it for.

I guess the margins on the stuff they sell are so tight that they can't discount them too much but come on 1-3 days for black Friday?  1. You make your customers happy and 2. You will bring new customers in that might not have come into your store if it was not for the BF sale.

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Love HF for consumables and buying a tool you need for one or a few jobs.  If you need a trailer or alkaline batteries, no better deals -- any time of year.  And those free flashlights?  Awesome.  


First time I was in the store was to pick up one of these...




Had been watching them for local pickup because they never seemed to have them on hand.  I finally found one and went to pick it up around noon on a Wednesday, I think.  The place was packed.  When I got to the register, the cashier gave me a flyer so I could get a free flashlight.


But their parking lot sales are perpetual and the prices are very consistent.

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