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What did you buy? How were the crowds? Share your experiences!


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Yes! It felt good to not have to rush out to stand in line for things I wanted. Not knocking anyone, it’s just that my family usually eats around 4, so by the time it’s tkme to go out for door busters, I’m still FULL lol

Me too, but I walk all night shopping so I justify eating to much.

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I was disappointed this year (and I know this sounds stupid). The only place we ran into a line was Kohl's. We were in the line for about an hour and a half. We probably got there around 10pm and were done around 1230am. We made the choice to save Target for Friday when we could get the 20% off coupon. After Kohl's and 1am breakfast at McDonald's, we went to the mall, which was absolutely dead. None of the coffee places were open, so once we finished at the few stores that were open, we basically sat there freezing until things started to open between 6-7am. It was such a waste of time. In hindsight, we would have been better off skipping the 20% coupon at Target and doing that Thursday night, then Kohl's after that, then the mall. Or maybe we should have gotten started around midnight instead of 9pm. All in all, we were out for about 14 hours, but there was so much lag time in the middle. It was still really fun to be with my friends and I'm sure we got great deals, but I would have preferred a little more hustle and bustle, like the old days!

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I was shopping for my company Christmas party and my family:


Started Nov 10th - Sharp 55" Smart TV - Walmart


Nov 12th - Dewalt Radio/Charger from Acme Tools


Nov 15th - Kitchen Artisan 5 qt Mixer & received $40 Kohl's Cash


Black Friday Week


Target  - Fire Pit, 5 pc Luggage Set, Fire Stick, Microsoft Gold 3 Month Membership, Apple Watch


Kohl's - Button shirt for my son, The Big One Plush Blanket, 2 pairs of Boots for me, Kitchenaid Shredder/Slicer Attachment


Walmart - 2 Hover 1 All-Star Hoverboards w/Go Cart Attachment (took me 40 minutes)


Theisens - Large Gun Safe ($500 off)


Best Buy - Sharp 43" TV


Everything was pretty much a breeze except Walmart's online fiasco and Theisens' in store.  I bought everything else online easy peasy!

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We went to JC Penney, medium crowds, got everything we wanted. We went to Vanity Fair Outlet, dead quiet.

Kohls by 1pm, busy but well stocked out by 2:20.

Target again not too busy, lots of stuff available.

We went to Walmart on Saturday afternoon they still had doorbusters and were honoring those prices. My friend works at WM and said it was the quietest BF shes ever seen. Online sales were slammed she heard

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Target: Blu-rays

Walking Dead Season 7 - Target $10

Walking Dead Season 8 - Target $10

Stranger Things Season 2 - Target $12

Paddington 2 $5.13

Die Hard 4K $9.00

The Lion King 4K $25.67


Best Buy: 4K

Wreck it Ralph 4K $18.54

Incredibles 2 4K $19.50

Man of Steel 4K $14.99

Dr. Suess HTGSC 4K $9.99

Hostiles 4K $9.99 

The Equalizer 4K $9.99

Air Force One 4K $9.99

Jumanji (original) 4K $9.99

The Mummy 4K $8.99

Rambo I. II and III 4K $7.99 ea

Patriots Day 4K $7.99



Ready Player One $5.99

Avengers IW $6.99

Death of Superman $7.99

I Can Only Imagine $7.99

The Greatest Showman $7.99 

Deadpool 2 $6.99

Rampage $7.99

Jurassic World 2 $9.99

Coco $5.99

IT $5.99

Wonder Woman $3.99


Xbox Game

LA Noire $14.99


Air Fryer $29.99

Sphero BB-8 $29.99

Moto G Plus 5th Gen $225


Walmart: 4K

Rampage 4K $8.96

Greatest Showman 4K $8.96

Skyscraper 4K $8.96

Ready Player One 4K $8.96

Creed 4K $8.96

Fate of the Eight 4K $8.96

IT 4K $8.96



Rampage $5.96



Xbox One S Bundle $70 (after $150 in MS credit (which was from a $33 Groove subscription))

Red Dead Redemption 2 $40

PS4 Spider-man $48

Fitbit Versa $144

Echo Dot (3rd gen) $24



Amazon: 4K

American Made 4K $9.99

Christine 4K $12.15

Unforgiven 4K $12.14

Peter Rabbit 4K $12.14

Mission Impossible 4K 6 movies series $56.96



Death Wish BD $7.00

Venom BD $12

Christopher Robin BD $17.96


Other stuff too (LEGO sets 30%, Pandora jewelry 35% off and other gifts for people). I got most online and walked into Wal-mart and got those 4Ks with no issues. Not bad. Hope everyone got what they were after!

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Got all my movies from Best Buy as of yesterday.  The shipping was faster than they predicted as all three orders came well before December 3rd.  I have to admit I've had issues with them in the past, but the last couple years I've felt they have done outstanding work.  I would probably go in store much more often if I was closer to one.  Though its comforting to know I can always order online.

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did all my shopping online this year and went out Saturday to buy a dishwasher. great deal at Best Buy with free shipping and installation. I have to say that I miss Black Friday as it used to be but my kids are grown now and my shopping needs less. Love this site and the tracker. Thanks for all the hard work. 

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