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What did you buy? How were the crowds? Share your experiences!


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As always, let's have this single thread for you to share what deals you scored, both online and in stores, as well as any experiences you feel like sharing about the ordering/shopping process and how the crowds were if you go to brick & mortar stores.
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Well I guess I will stat..... Just getting started but online so far :


Walmart - Waffle Maker, Vanity Set, Hatchimal, Pikmi Pops ,Picture Frames, PW cookware 


Target - LOL Bigger Surprise, Xbox controller


Kohls - 3 Champion Shirts, Spiderman Tower toy, 2 pair of boots, Jewlery, throws ( I know ) , Towels

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I only bought movies online from Best Buy, but got 5 movies under 30 bucks so I'm happy.


I got:

Super Troopers

Super Troopers 2

Die Hard

The Sandlot

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


All were on Blu-ray and included digital and all except The Sandlot and Super Troopers included a DVD as well.  Again, that was pretty much all I wanted, but still hope to make a Walmart run likely on Friday once the craziness is over.  Age has caught up with me to deal with Walmart madness.

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I started by ordering a pair of the $20 boots from JCP for pick-up in store today. That was this morning, and I haven't gotten a message saying my order is ready yet (suppose to take less than 4 hours, according to the email). I'm hoping the boots don't get sold tomorrow and I end up with a cancelled order. :(


Then, I grabbed a copy of Incredibles 2 at Wal-Mart for $15.


Next, a copy of Forza 4 for XBox One at Best Buy for $30.


Then, Solo for $17, Christopher Robin for $18, Jurassic World 2 for $10, and Paddington 2 for $6 at Best Buy.


Waiting for Target and hoping to get Peter Rabbit for $6, Ninjago for $6, Smurfs for $4.


Other than this, I am planning on a few movies and some cheap towels at Wal-Mart tomorrow evening, wrapping paper at Rite Aid, fleece at JoAnn's on Saturday, and then I am done with Black Friday.

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I bought a pair of the Dell G3 Gaming laptops from the Microsoft Store for $599.99 each.  I picked up a 55" TCL Roku TV from Target for $297.49.  I got five Insteon dimmer switches from Smarthome for $138.10 and ten Insteon toggle switches from Amazon.com for $262.30.  I bought Airpods and some thumb drives (for the Roku TVs and laptop backups) from Staples.  Cook's Essentials 5.3qt Digital Air Fryer from QVC for $69.98.  That's all I can remember ;-)

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Best Buy:

Ipad 128gb

JBL Flip 4

Sphero BB-8

Deadpool 4k

Black Panther and Infinity War Blu-rays



Hamilton Beach Toaster

Black & Decker coffee maker

Pacific Rim and Deepwater Horizon 4k

Shaun of the Dead and Good Morning Vietnam Blu-Rays



Fantastic Beasts and Lucy 4k


Only thing I didn't get was The Dark Knight 4k which went out of stock before I could check out at BB.


Tomorrow night will be a casual browse.

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Walmart online after much ado:

Food Saver

Big Bang Theory season 11 DVD for $9.96

Incredibles 2 DVD for $9.96*


*I know the ad says they will have this one for $7.96 but I don’t know if I’ll manage to be at the store to get this one.



Sam’s online:

Throw blanket——-it’s a gift, not for me! :)


I had absolutely no issues with sam’s Online ordering. Done in 5 minutes



Best Buy online:

Alll movies.....Life of the Party, The Spy Who Dumped Me, The Sandlot 25th anniversary Blu-ray, Sherlock Gnomes


I had absolutely no trouble ordering here either.



Target online:

Hotel Transylvania 3 DVD. $4

Two beauty kits at “BOGO half-off

Belkin wireless charger at 30% off. $31 and change

Reese Witherspoon’s book at $17.50

Package of Sonicare toothbrush refills for $14.99

Book Blub Blu-ray for $10 ....... in case I don’t get to Walmart on time to snag it there cheaper


I chose store pickup for everything it was available for. I hope I’m not sorry. Kind of nervous about it since I don’t know how/when they will fill it...... before the store itself opens for the sale or during/after......



Mcafee total protection for $15.99.

For years Walmart has had this in their ad for around $10 so I was disappointed it wasn’t there this year.


Kohl’s online:

Throws 6, most for gifts

Pair of gold hoop earrings

Cuddl Duds gloves

2 pairs PJ’s

Cuddl Duds shirts 2 (gifts)

Christmas T-shirt’s for me

Air Fryers. 2. One for a gift and the other an upgrade for me

3-pack of Sonoma ladies socks (gift)

Holiday socks 2

Vanity Fair bras 3



I think that’s all for now.

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eBay- cashmere scarves, T-shirt, the latch for my convertible top w/the 15% everything coupon


Macy’s- Apple Watch 3 for $199


Kohl’s- Nintendo Switch bundle and some stocking stuffers


Walmart- TV series DVDs $9.96 (Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Outlander), watch


Amazon- Orange is the New Black season 5 $10


Target- Cards Against Humanity Red, Green & Blue (they were on sale + the 20% toys coupon earlier this week)


I’m about 85% done shopping, still need MIL, DH & some stocking stuff

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I got a set of Cuddl Duds flannel sheets from Kohl’s yesterday for about $22. I picked them up in store and it was super fast; I’m glad I was able to avoid the crowd today. A lady I work with raves about these sheets so I’m excited to try them out.


I only wanted a couple things from Walmart, one being a movie, but since they can’t be bothered to put things in their online sale, I just took my money to Best Buy instead and ended up getting a better deal anyway. Walmart: Digital copy of movie - $8 plus shipping. Best Buy: Blu-Ray, Dvd, and Digital Copy Combo Pack - $9.99 after coupon + free shipping. You lose, Walmart.

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Best Buy last weekend - PS VR

Kohl's Monday - throws, towels, toddler clothes

Beat Buy early access - 2 Chefman air fryers, 3 flash drives

Walmart - mini fridge, sharpies, Rubbermaid containers

Best Buy - Oculus Rift VR, Incredibles 2, Blade runner 2049, Ready Player One

Kohl's doorbusters - Google Home Mini, Google Home, Google Hub, Instant Pot, K cups, and salt lamp


I'm very happy with my progress!

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Still browsing online to see what I see but these are my purchases between Sunday and today:


Kohl’s: The Big One towels & wash cloths


Best Buy:

Apple Watch band (25% off)

Sherlock Gnomes DVD

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4



NBA 2K19



Beats Solo 3 Wireless


Dick’s Sporting Goods

3 Nike hoodies



2 Champion Hoodies


American Girl

Luciana Doll & her accessory set (used 20% discount [emoji4])


Between promo codes and Ebates, it has been a good week thus far.

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JCPenny had a line from the front door around the side to the back of the building to get in when it opened. The line to check out was over 40 minutes. There were a lot of people just using the $10 off $10 coupons and a lot buying carts full of stuff. They ran out of carts and were asking people for them as they checked out. Very hot waiting in line.

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Starting last night-


Wal-Mart online (waaaah!! Hour plus to check out!) Got our new mattress.


Amazon at 6am this morning- 1st Kindle ordered.


DG at opening (7am) $30 worth of toys for $17. Total was supposed to be a $1 less but I wasn't going to argue with the lone cashier who was by herself and trying to hang all the promo signs while checking people out.


Home for parade and cooking. More Amazon because nurse mom had to work and couldn't answer before previous order. Ordered a total of 4 Kindles today between her, sister, and myself. Delivery guy is gonna hate me Mon-Tues ish next week.


Wal-Mart, arrived at 5:15. Lines for hot items but they let people put any toys (grr) and some home goods in their carts before sale time, they just couldn't get in check out. Got everything in my list, only a few impulse buys so I was pleased. Found Paw Patrol in the regular movies ringing up at the promo price.


Told my husband to not let me loss tomorrow, I need to stop! Pretty well done shopping now! Few odds and ends and DH's big gift.

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Best buy-infinity war

Target-oceans 8

kohls-google hub

frys-charging pad


In store:

best buy-ready player one(since i couldnt get it online. the parking lot was ridiculous took like 5 mins to find a parking spot. The line in store wasnt horrible but was wrapped around a bit but moved fast)

walmart 5 or 6 dvds and some pjs for my lil cousins 

kohls-a shirt and a greeting card(to make it over $5)

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Macy’s online : $5.99 set of twin sheets. I got 4 for my daughter, added a beauty item to my cart which made shipping free.


Target online: $4 movies, 32” TV for $79


Walmart in person: otter boxes for $13, deluxe spa kit $15, eureka vacuume $29, stainless steel trash can $25, furreal dog $20, Pyrex bowl set $19, rubbermade set $7, Hanes panties 7 pack $4.75


Again, as every year, there were people that didn’t understand the concept of know what you want before you go. Lots of people stopped with carts in the aisle, looking through sizes, stopping to chat, waiting on others....ugh lots of directions on my part to get things moving. The bins were popped at 5:59, I was through the store, checked out, and in my car at 6:28. Good times!!!

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Best buy all online:


WWE 2K19, 2 controllers, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and South Park the Stick of Truth for PS4

Skyscraper, both John Wick movies, Black Panther Bly ray




Hisense 55" 4k


Walmart was an adventure in chaos.  Got a ticket for the tv was told to go pay for it at a register.  Right at 6 pm half of the registers in walmart went down.  Great timing!  Then at one that was working I was told I needed to pay for that where the tv was.  No the tv is in the garden area and I have to drive around to pick it up.  2 people told me I was wrong.  Luckily worker #3 got it right. 

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Went out at 7 this morning for PetSmart. Ours was pretty dead too. No lines to back of store as usual. But also, sale wasn't as good either. Went to BBW, same story, no one in line. But they were open last night so I guess all the crazy happened there last night? Dunno, last year at opening on Friday they were very crowded.

Michael's about 8:30, a normal Saturday is 3 times busier. It was very odd.

For what I got... Puppy pads, milk bones, and a dog stocking. Nothing at BBW, and some gingerbread floral picks at Michael's. I just wasn't in the shopping mood. But I did place a Kohl's order while I was in the parking lot, for something that I ordered last night for pickup at my store, but was cancelled. So picked the next closest store.

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Walmart was dead. You would not even know it was Black Friday. They had all of the food aisles set back up. Movies were pretty well picked through but I did manage to find a few.


Best Buy was steady but not packed. I managed to get the last thing on my list that sold out online. The Dark Knight 4k. I did notice that the employees were a bit on the attitudinal side. Not smiling or even remotely friendly. Yeah we get it you're tired. But at least try to fake it and keep your bitchy attitudes in check. One even got ignorant with me when I tried to ask her a question. Far cry from the hospitality at Target.

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We ended up getting:


Movies - Walmart and Target

Xbox Games - Walmart and Target

Switch Games - Target

Griddle - Target

Pillows - Walmart

Sheets - Walmart

Rugs - Walmart

Fujifilm Camera - Target

Toys - Walmart

Makeup - Target

TCL 65" TV - Walmart


Some other stuff I'm too tired to remember right now lol.


As for stores nothing was bad, employees were super nice. BB We didn't get anything we wanted (out of stock) but the people where nice to us and tried to help.

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55” $199 TV

40” $125 TV



20 strands of garland


We were third in line at Target. We got there at 2pm. The first woman in line got there at 12pm. At around 4pm the manager came out and asked everyone what they wanted to buy. The first two in line said the PSP 4 Spider-Man. The manager said they didn’t have any! I felt so bad.

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