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Stocking Stuffers and Advent Calendar Treats


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I am hoping that some of you might have some good ideas for cheap stocking stuffers and really cheap advent calendar treats that might be around on BF.  I have wooden (reusable) Advent calendars and I need some ideas for small, little treats that can go in the square boxes.  I do sometimes write notes.  Sometimes I leave clues from the Elf (we have the Elf on a Shelf).  


Someone gave me the idea of Hershey's kisses but my DD (5) won't eat those and one of my DS won't either.  


I saw some cute little candies at Walmart yesterday for $1 but I am hoping for a little better deal. Something like 2/$1 or 3/$1 to reduce the expense.


All ideas are appreciates...

Thanks in advance!

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For stocking stuffers, check the items that are free after rewards points in the Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS ads.  These will tend to be better for adults and teens, but some may be suitable for smaller kids.


Some candy items you might be able to open and wrap individually to fit in an advent calendar.

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We have the little square box one too! I get most of my stuff for it at 5 Below. One year I did holiday erasers - it was a 6-pack for $1 so that took care of 1/4 of it right there. They have the "candy wall" where you can pick out pieces for 10 cents each; or if you have a grocery with a bulk food section that works too. Notes for a "free" upsize on a kids meal (meaning the get more fries); an extra 15 minutes at bedtime (best on weekends); their pick of a treat to be packed with their school lunch that day. 


I'm sure I can come up with more ideas if you need them. My son is 11 now, still loves his calendar but it's harder to fill it every year!

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I know your asking for BF deals but here are a few ideas for the advent calendar:


~bag of miniature Reese's cups (to split among the calendars)

~chocolate gold coins

~very tiny stuffed animals

~balloons (in the kid's favorite colors?)


For the stocking:


~glow sticks (you can find these at the Dollar Tree along with the glow-necklaces)

~ring pop

~small cans of Play-Doh

~their favorite fruit snacks

~candy cane

~a package of hot chocolate and a baggie of marshmallows tied together somehow (lots of packaging ideas on the web)

~crayons/colored pencils


Great topic, looking forward to everyone's ideas! :)

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You all have posted some great ideas!  And quite a few of them I really had not thought of.  The majority of the stores that you listed are located nearby so I can hit them all up.  And places like Party City and the Dollar Store I forget about until it is bday party time so that was a good reminder.  Thanks everyone!

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Stocking Stuffers:



Slipper socks

Christmas socks

crayons/colored pencils

ornament/ornaments kits (michaels and ac moore have these for $1)

Matchbox/hotwheel cars for boys

nail polish for girls/nail stickers (dollar tree)

books (dollar tree/target dollar spot)

small package of their favorite snack

gum for older kids

buble bath/shower gel

mini flashlights (dollar tree) so they can play flashlight tag

small boxes of puzzles/playing cards (dollar tree/target dollar spot)

cheap DVDs (available for a few dollars on black friday)


For Advent Calendar:

look for a christmas puzzle with 24 pieces and place a single puzzle piece in each box so when Christmas Eve arrives they will have completed the puzzle.

Dollar tree has packages of small christmas stamps

Chrismtmas Bingo - each child get a sheet and place 1,2or 3 bingo pieces in each box. Winner gets to pick dinner or dessert.

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Mini candy canes are always a hit in our Advent calendar. Lego makes an Advent calendar but I think this year I'll make my own. I'm going to buy a Lego kit and put a piece in for each day so by the time we get to the 24th they'll have put something together.

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