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What did you get for Christmas?


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Our gifting started today because of out of town people, so I'll start...

a nice throw blanket

pants 1 size too small

shirt 1 size small

vest 1 size too big (and ugly)


did I mention it was my MIL who bought these gifts?


movie theatre gift certificates

a fun bracelet



and under the tree is packed!!!


What did you get?

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My wife got me (with my help, which is why I know):


Nike Slingshot Irons

Ping G2 fairway woods

Nike Ignite 460 Driver


I'm just getting back into golf. I played a lot in HS and college, but my clubs were junk so I just quit because of lack of money to buy anything worth using.

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Hubby and I have gotten two of our gifts from my parents already, 20" tv/dvd combo for our bedroom, the old one was dead!LOL We also got a new digital camera from them, we have been using a 35mm!LMAO She always gives us our big presents first but we each have two smaller ones to open tomorrow night. I got a set of candles from one aunt and a Bath and Body Works gc from another aunt.Guess which aunt is my favorite!LOL Hubby got his Christmas bonus from work, WOOHOO! The rest of our gifts will be opened tomorrow night.
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The big gift from my parents to us was a payment on our gas bill - 2.5 months worth! I cried when my Mom told me about that.


And some other things... :D I also know I'm getting slippers (I love slippers, I have an obsession!) from my Mama tomorrow as well.


I'm more excited about my kids getting their gifts this weekend, lol. ;)

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From work:

A Bunch of candles,

Hand towels

Bird Bath


A few other items that I ended up regifting. :tongue1:


From hubby for us both even though he is overseas:

BF WM computer

BF WM digital camera


From me to hubby:

New George R.R. Martin book autographed

BF WM mp3 player


From myself to myself:

Smartpot crockpot (I told the kids that this was from them and to go ahead and pay me back :sidesplit )

Handheld steam cleaner


From FIL :

$20 GC from WM

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100.00 from my grandma..she is to sick to shop anymore so hands me cash i thought was great helped with my kids stuff..



25.00 from mil sent a check for everyone 25.00 a peice so i wrapped something i bought kids from her.. but that is it.. hubby is going shopping for me in the am with three oldest kids..


i bought me and hubby.. two plates set bf walmart

and a roaster from bf walmart from my mother they are wrapped under tree.till new yeard but i picked them out and wrapped them

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I GOT MY CAPPACINO MAKER!!!!! I have been wanting one...but never expected to get one for Xmas!!! So many nights, I have driven to the gas station to get one....and Hubby ended up having one for me!!! Anticipation was killing him, so he had me unwrap it tonight so I could have one tomorrow a.m.!!!!
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