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12 Month gift ideas needed.


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I want to get my oldest ds (19) a calendar for Christmas. I was thinking of adding gift cards for each month.


This is what I've come up with so far:




     Star Bucks for hot chocolate



     Gift card to an Irish restaurant for St.Patrick's Day



     Mexican restaurant for Cinco De Mayo


     Culver's for Ice Cream (June is Dairy Month in WI)


     Water park




      Movie Rental


     Movie Theater



     Walgreens for cold/flu season




Others could be gas card, hair cut gift card, other fast food places.


Thanks for any help.

I know there's a good chance he'll use most of the gift cards in one month but it's the idea that counts. :sidesplit

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What a cute idea!   :)


The only other ones I can think of right now would be a gift card for a candy store ?? in either February (if he doesn't have a girlfriend, add in a valentine card that he is your valentine?) or April where Easter usually falls in (i.e. easter candy, chocolate bunnies, etc.)


What month is his birthday?  Maybe that month it could be an all about you day, with a gift card to get his hair cut and a gift card either for one of his hobbies or just a generic gift card (prepaid visa type) that he can use on whatever he wants since it would be "his" month.


Thats all I can think of right now, but will post again if I come up with any other ideas.

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I LOVE this idea!!  How about:


iTunes giftcards

An auto parts store

Barnes and Noble - maybe for August or September to use for school

A car wash/detail - April Showers... :)



Does he play any sports?  If yes, maybe a g/c to Dicks/Sports Authority for whatever month his sport starts in?

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awesome idea!!! i once did flowers for a girl with the gift cards stuck in as flowers...and a wallet with gift cards...i LOVE this idea...and i think i will borrow the idea as well...i almost didnt even read this post...very glad i did...i think i will make refrence toit on the what to buy a teenage boy post....

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Are there any Halloween theme parks that you could get tickets to for October? Then you could move the movie rental to a different month. It might be tricky, but I'd think you'd be able to order them this far in advance. I know you can get King Richard's Faire tickets for Christmas near me and that's only open Labor Day - Columbus Day.

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Got it all put together today. Forgot to take pictures before I wrapped it though.


I had about 20 gift cards in all.


I'm not sure I will do this again. It was A LOT of running in and out of stores for gift cards. I tried to pick up a few each time I ran errands.


I found a calendar at Walgreens that opened like a book but was the size of a wall calendar.


I taped each gift card over the day it went with.


At Walmart I found post-it notes in a Christmas theme.


Over each gift card I put a post-it note giving the specialty of the day. On some I gave the address to the store also. Like the specific candy store. Also on the movie theater gift card post-it I wrote the address and that on Tuesday nights they have $1.75 movies.


Google helped with various days such as National pancake day (IHOP card), National chicken month (KFC card) etc.




He thought it was a nice gift. He even thought of only using the cards each month so they lasted longer. I'll ask in a month if any are left. lol

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