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Contest: Give Contest Ideas & Win T-Shirts [Winners Posted]


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Here's an easy contest:


We need new ideas for ways to give away t-shirts and other items here on the site.


So just reply to this thread with one or more ideas and you'll be entered to win 1 of 5 Black Friday t-shirts.


Limit one entry per member (although you can post as many ideas as you'd like). Entries will be accepted until 9pm ET on Sunday, November 10th. At that point I'll randomly choose 5 entries and those members will receive Black Friday t-shirts!


As always, if you've won a 2013 t-shirt already, you are not eligible to win another but feel free to share your contest ideas anyway. Good luck to all!



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recipe contest

holiday decoration contest

holiday craft idea contest

And I suppose Brad would be judging and require samples to be sent to him...  :gdthums:


What I think would be interesting is to see who can come up with the best white elephant or recycled gift... let's say you have $10 and could only shop at a thrift store.  What could you put together that would be suitable for gift giving?


Other ideas: worst Santa photo, tree/wreath/house decorating, original BF t-shirt designs, ornament design...

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Well I've been shutout with these contests so far, but I want to get a tee shirt :)


List of Ideas:


1. Do a Twitter Trivia Contest--Ask a question and first person to get the right answer wins.


2. Hand out GottaDeal business cards and see if your favorite place will take a photograph with you. Most photos wins (Of course with photo permission_


3.Do an internet scanvenger hunt..Give us three clues to find the exact item and exact price..The person with the exact or closest to the linked page win.


4. Have a graphic design contest-where anyone is open to design a holiday-oreinted GottaDeal logo or animation.


5. Have any member upload their OWN Black-Friday style webcast and make up their own content..Most votes wins.


6. Do a call-in show with the Black Friday Webcast..''The'' X caller would win the t-shirt.


7.Recruit some members. Send referrals to potential shoppers/black friday people..Member with the most referral wins.


8. Do a gift -card contest..I think you have it last year where the member with the most deals posted wins.



Well those are some ideas..Hope this helps :)


Happy Shopping! :trampolin

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How about Christmas Trivia - where you ask a question and people PM their answers and the 10th correct answer for the 10th anniversary celebration wins a T-shirt.


Also, you could randomly hide the Decade of Deals logo on the site and the 10th person to PM where it is that day wins a T-shirt.

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I like the random number/random person/random whatever idea too.  That would be a fun pick-me-up for that person, too :D 


Or what about a picture of an item, say candy corn in a jar and each person has to guess how many.  Limit it to one guess per member.  Those are always fun. 

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Actual scavenger hunt.


Give riddles describing past BF items or Black Friday stores.

People have to photograph themselves with the item or in the specific stores with some kind of a gottadeal logo (so they aren't cutting and pasting from the net)


Person with the most correct photo responses wins :)

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I like the bad family photo idea-I have one from when I was a kid and another one with my own children. I'm beginning to think I'm not photogenic and that it's heriditary! 


Other ideas- create a wish list within a budget

                   - share a holiday recipe

                   - A Christmas story thread, everyone adds a sentence to keep the story going and then a random winner or two or three.

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