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So - What Are You Buying Friday?


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:2wiggle: :2wiggle: :2wiggle: I am going for the BB laptop, the router w/$10 gc, the $50 case w/ accesories at BB, the small casio hand held tv, and probably a couple of DVDs. I am going to try Target after BB to get the 70 show season 3 set, then off to office max for photo paper.:trampolin :trampolin
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Well since I have a son in the Navy I am getting 2 Ipod nano's for $187 each and not have to pay tax at the NEX :) That is a for sure item the others I am HOPING to get: I am buying 2 laptops, a digital camera or two, 2 lesser value mp3 players, a 15 inch LCD TV, Kodak paper, ext DVD burner, and a bunch of little things like dvd's a few xbox and play station games etc. I have saved up for a month to be able to pay for all of this and I HATE to save!


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CDs, DVDs, Care Bears, CP Newborns, Hummers, Virgin Mobiles, portable DVD player, GameBoy SPs, 3-in-1 digital cameras from Radio Shack, M&M radios, clothes, sewing machine, stick vacs, and many many batteries. LOL There a few other things that I hope to get but I am not sure if they will be online or not.
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Emachine from Circuit City

PS2 x2 (with gift certificates at Target)

PS2 games

Flash Drive

DVDs and boxsets

Fine Jewelry for Mom and Sis (prob. Sears)

Men's Leather Jacket (sears)

Dearfoams Women's Cozy Pile Booties

Protron DVD Home Theater System (sears)

Craftsman 2-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

Basic Essentials 8-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set (sears)

Cook's Essentials Smoothie Jr.

Comforter Set

Sharp YO-95 Pen Touch-Screen Organizer (Radio Shack)

FREE Snowglobe at Penny's

Microfiber Down Comforters

Size 2 petite Dress clothes at Penny's (can't fit into 4's anymore though I eat everything in sight)

Dreamgear Plug n Play for the little brother-in-law

Mini Powered Cordless Screwdriver at ACE

DVD blank spindles

My Little Ponies

PS2 Steering Wheel free with game purchase at Toys-R-US for Dad

Sears cheep mp3 players for nieces


Those are the must haves - But at least I have two peon shoppers who are under my command.

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