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Walmart.com Black Friday Sale [Sale Started]


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What about the Sony Cyber-shot H70 digital camera? Will this be available online.

yes. www.walmart.com/ip/17254380


Will the Philips Home Theater System be online? Or any of the Blu-Ray players?

yes on the philips system: www.walmart.com/ip/17208288


lg $49 online: www.walmart.com/ip/17352977


sony $79 online: www.walmart.com/ip/17281826


lg wifi $89 is in-store only


Hi Brad, I am looking for the Little Girls Bikes, the Storage ottoman, and the Tangled Comforter Sets. Will those items be available online?

bikes should be online. can't find info on the other items.

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Wondering if any of these will be online.


HP AMD Dual-Core Desktop w/ 19" LCD Monitor $298.00

Emerson 40" Widescreen 1080p LCD HDTV $248.00

Madden 2011 Xbox 360 $28.00

Xbox Live 3-Month Subscription Card $12.00

desktop and xbox card yes. emerson tv no. madden - doesn't show individual games, so we don't know yet


desktop: www.walmart.com/ip/17218900


Would you know if the memory foam mattress topper by Beauty Rest would be an online deal? Thank you so much for you help:)

yes www.walmart.com/ip/17256218


Any of the TV season sets? Specifically, The Big Bang Theory for $10?

doesn't list individual titles, but some of the general categories show online, so a good chacne that one will be


Blue Wii Console and remotes?

yes on the blue console www.walmart.com/ip/17655253

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Wondering about:


Microfiber sheet sets 6.88

Paula Deen cookware 86.44

Girls and Boys character short sleeve tee's - 2.97





yes on the sheets and cookware


6.88 mainsty microfiber sheet set

2.84 2slice waffle maker

4.47 toddler 2pc sleepwear

3.87 toddler character slippers

4.97 fleece tops (kids i think)

4.37 fruit of the loom fleece crew shirt or pants

yes on waffle maker


the clothes all show in store only, but i don't believe they won't have ANY online, so...

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OK, Walmart has sent us a spreadsheet showing which items will be in-store only and which will be available online.


Post your requests here and I'll reply to them all at some point with the details (and links if they will be available)

How about just sharing the spreadsheet? Is that not allowed? ;-)

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How about just sharing the spreadsheet? Is that not allowed? ;-)

Ok so i clicked on the BF ad and went through all the items i wanted.if you click on them it says either instore only or instore and online.Not sure how accurate it is but i guess its the same info Brad has.So try looking up the itmes you want urself on the BF ad .Seems like alot of them are.HTH.

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What time will they be available online?

per 2nd post:

Walmart traditionally has put their Black Friday sale online starting at midnight PST on Friday. This could change with their new opening time.


Once we confirm the starting time for the sale, we'll post it.


THANKS BRAD. I can do without the clothes, both sheet sets are online so I'm good and the waffle maker is just a bonus:P I think they had some clothes online last year but sizes went fast AND they were not free shipping. Now if only they'd make it live sooner than 12pst I'd be good to go out later or elsewhere.:P

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