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Final Black Friday T-Shirt Contest [Winners Posted]


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please do not ever bring the fanny pack back. i don't care what you are doing those things are :BLECH: unless you are alone in the wilderness and don't mind bears and raccoons laughing you should never ever ever wear one. i am having flashbacks to neon pants, waterfall bangs that stood 8 inches high, and leg warmers....


and heck yea!I'd wear my Black Friday sweats in march, may, july anytime. I wear a sweatshirt all year. I live in Michigan. It snows from October to may.


I made myself a hoodie. Took one with the Kangaroo puch in the front (the pullover kind) sewed up the sides of the pouch, opened the top and added a zipper closure there. Same idea as a fanny pack, yet slightly less stupid looking. there you go, I am giving away my billion dollar idea. If anyone makes kajillions off it, please send me free sweatshirts forever!

LOL, don't hold back, tell us how you REALLY feel about fanny packs! ;). TFF

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Something small to put all your receipts in.

License plate for the front of the car

Antenna Ball for the car that would be seen by a lot of people

Backpack to hold all the circulars

Notepad to write down what you wan to buy

Pen to use with the notepad

Stress ball to squeeze while you're standing in line.

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