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Final Black Friday T-Shirt Contest [Winners Posted]


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OK, time for the final t-shirt contest of the year (I can hear the boos from the crowd). I'd love to keep going, but I have to stop the contests early enough to make sure everyone gets their shirts in time for BF.


We'll make this last one very simple:


Reply to this thread letting me know what kind of GottaDeal "swag" I should consider ordering for 2012 giveaways (besides BF t-shirts of course). Let me know what stuff you'd like to win and I'll use that input when I decide which new goodies to order.


I'll take replies until Monday, 11/14 @ 9pm ET. At that point I'll randomly choose 15 winners to win the final BF t-shirts.


If you've already won a shirt, you can't win another one, but feel free to reply with your ideas as well :)


Good luck to everyone!




Also, speaking of GD swag, shortly after BF, we're going to have a "GD Warehouse Sale" where I hope to get rid of all the existing GD merchandise I have so I can make room for new stuff. You'll be able to fill up a box full of stuff and basically just pay the cost of shipping, so be sure you stick around after BF for that. T-shirts, reusable grocery bags, LED keychains, calculators and much, much more.

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I would say pocket calenders or pens, those are things that I actually KEEP when salesmen give them to my DH ;)


And I like the travel coffee mugs too..


What about baseball caps or beanies? Those might be pricey though, I was looking at them on Vistaprint the other day for Dh's company but I don't remember exact cost......


BTW I know a pretty awesome Gottadealer that does custom embroidered golf towels and tote bags ;)

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car flags



beach towles



a round tuit with a gotta deal logo saying "don't wait to get a round tuit go to gottadea.com now!!!" or "now you got a round tuit go to gottadeal.com" you can even make them into key rings or necklaces.



Shopping Bags or umbrellas

I like this one but here's a better twist on the unbrellas idea get unbrella HATS that way you can have your hands free to grab all the great deals.

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How about a binder with the Gottadeal logo to hold our BF flyers, and our coupons thruout the year!!!! GottaDeal is not just on BF but year round.

Yep, the new stuff will be given out throughout the year, not just during BF season. Gotta reward those who stick around all year :D

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Car magnets, playing cards and sweatshirts are all good ideas. How about mouse pads? lol

Mouse pads and a few car magnets will be a part of the "GD Warehouse Sale" in the coming weeks. I have some stuff that I only have a few of (from samples, etc...) so there will be some stuff nobody has seen before...

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