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Black Friday Webcasts - Archived Mega Thread


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YAY!!!! It shouldn't surprise anyone but lo and behold I realized at noon that I was wearing my shirt on back to front :P I thought it had a funny fit to it but didn't LOOK or realize my error til after main shop.

Maybe that's why people in front of ya in line were laughing when they looked back and saw 'I probably got your doorbuster' :P


I'll be there to hear all your BF shopping stories!

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nobody laughed ALTHOUGH I should have noticed when Walmart security lady asked me what gottadeal was once she was BEHIND me:P It just never occurred to me I just assumed she'd seen it as I walked up and only just then asked.


My eyes are really feeling the lack of sleep but I'll try to make it. Sounds like we're in for some horror stories and yet it's being hailed a success at the same time.

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Please join us Saturday for our Black Friday Post Game Show. We will let you call in and share your Black Friday stories and experiences LIVE on the air. We will also be giving away some 2012 GottaDeal.com Black Friday t-shirt.


We hope you will join us this Saturday for the last time for Black Friday 2011.


All you need to do is join us at the link below at 7pm Central (other time zones listed below). If you want to chat with us all you need to do is sign up for a ustream account. It is fast and free.


Webcast: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/black-friday-live


Time Zones


UTC - 01:00

Eastern - 8:00pm

Central – 7:00pm

Mountain – 6:00pm

Pacific – 5:00pm

Alaska – 4:00pm

Hawaii – 2:00pm

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