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one gift...what would it be?


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If I had to buy only one gift.....for my son...a new bike..he's 11. It's what he wants.


My daughter on the other hand,she's 3, would be a tough choice. I cant even imagine having to just pick one thing....but if I had to it would be a dvd player for her room.

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The 16 year old...a laptop

#1 18 year old...PS2

#2 18 year old...digital camera

29 year old...new couch - my back is killing me when we sleep on that old sleeper sofa *L*

30 year old son in law...tickets to a nascar race

11 year old grandson...a video game

9 year old granddaughter...anything comparable in price that is bratz

7 year old grandson...color video now

1 year old grandson...nope, can't do just one here. He's still in that too cute stage.


Oh and the hubby....a tire changing machine (he's funny that way)

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if you had to only get your children one gift..what would it be......I am thinking that it would be something electronic...like a chat now phone or portable dvd player...or gogotv thing...lol..so much to choose from now a days..:shock:

If they could only have one thing I have no idea what I would do. All the stuff I have bought or am plannin on buying is tied together in some way...so couldn't just pick one thing.
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First reply here..couldnt resist.


15 yr old son - Guitar...did that so yah I am done.


21 yr old daughter = Fancy Easel...did that so I am done.


Hubby...no clue so hes out in the cold this year lol.


1 yr old grandson...does buying the whole damn toy store count as 1 item?????


I will be out on BF but just for kicks and giggles...we live near New Orleans and the mass immigration of all the displaced people has made it near impossible to want to do Xmas shopping near Xmas time. So I told the family pick one big thing and make it quick. This year we will spend those days just doing xmasy things cookies..some of those awesome fudge recipes I just read...and reading some great stories.


Hope everyone gets their one pick...I noticed no one said what they would want hehe. ;)

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The 17 yr old....wants a cellphone with unlimited plan(Yeah right..lol.. a cell phone maybe....she has one..but it is a prepaid..and not her thing she says..lol)

14 yr old wants a skateboard over $100.00...(hmm....doubt that mcuh..but she may get one cheaper..she has one already but it isnt good enough she tells me.)


The twins....probably if it were only one thing...a $50 game for gbadv....they both want lots of games


The 7 yr old wants ...gmby adv...like her sisters..

so if only one thing..that woudl be it..lol

DH wants a whole new huting outfit from head to toe..but its a certain kind...which is very expensive..so dunno yet.

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