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JCP $10 off of $10


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No code; it's a mailer they send to my house called JCPcash.

I get them about 4 or 5 times a year,but some people only get the $10 off $25.

Still,a very nice deal.

I just used a $10 off $10 that I got when they sent my new card.

And I just used a 20% off coupon on a Colts throw-originally $30 and it was $12xx :)

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Nothing yet, is this on a sale flyer? post card? What exactly?


More like a sale flyer as the actual coupon is detachable is in with some ads.

I get them around holidays (Mother's Day,Father's Day,Easter and Christmas) and I don't know why,but some of us get $10 off $10

while others get $10 off $25.

I'm a card holder but rarely shop at Penney's and don't even use my card!

I hope you get one too :)

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Somebody posted the code GIVEJOY the other day. (Sorry, I don't know who) for $10 off $10 online. I used it last night (12/2) on a purchase. It worked. Dunno what the expiration is. But for those that did not get the real time coupon in the mail..... :D

Just tried it. EXPIRED now. :(

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