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$198 24 inch Vizio from Sunday (after BF) ad

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Ya, not so much.


Went to Target early Sunday in search of the TV they had in the Sunday ad. Not one of the 5 Targets in my area had it in stock. Mind you, this was right after opening and the sale ad had just come out.


Things I've been told

"we didn't anticipate how popular it would be"

"we sold out over Black Friday"

"that model is being discontinued so we don't have any"

"we won't be getting any more of that model"


HELLO - it just freaking came out in your ad.


I've been on the phone with various managers without any kind of joy.

One offered to give me a similar percentage off - of a much more expensive TV.

One said they would offer a rain check (but have no idea when they'll get stock)

One offered to sell me a 22 inch for the same price - but, not only is it smaller - its a different brand (Westinghouse, I think)


Is this lame or what?!

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This has been an ongoing issue since the sale came out. No one has it. I kinda wondered how long it would take for someone to post it here.


The deal as of today, directly from corporate, is that there is a severe shortage company wide of the 26in Vizio. It most likely will not make it into any stores again any time soon. Take that however you want.


They are offering a 34% discount on the 36in Vizio bringing the price down to around $283 for a bigger tv, with better resolution since the 26in is a 720p and the 36in is a 1080p. They are also offering a 26in Westinghouse at the discounted price making it pretty close to the smaller Vizio.

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redraccoon...If you still have your sale circular, take it to WalMart and see if they have that exact model and have them price match. Thats what I did with the Nintendo DSi that Target advertised in this weeks paper.

Walmart calls the store to verify that the item is in stock. I've tried it before when the store was sold out. If they don't have it in stock, Walmart won't match the price.

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How disappointing with Target! Anyone know of any other deals on a 24 inch lcd? I got one cyber Monday from Walmart, but I will have to return it. The sound goes in and out of mute and not mute! The one I have is a Viore. I can't go bigger than the 24. Most of the great deals seem to be gone!
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