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Best UGG knock-offs?

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Look at the BearPaws brand. I haven't actually worn them so I can't compare their fit or feel to my Ugg's, but I have seen them at Marshals and some other stores and they look nice. The Emu brand looks really nice.


Bearpaw $44.80 @ 6pm.com






Emu also at 6pm $59.40 The Emu's have a similar cream colored lining as my Ugg's.





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I use to only wear Ugg's, until I got a great deal on Bear Paw's. They were 50% of $64 (sorry, that deal is long over), so I didn't have much to lose. I like the Bear Paw's better. They are the same material. I got the style that is like the Ugg Bailey Button. My sister got a pair of the tall Ugg like boots at Costco and she really likes hers. They cost $34 I think, no more than $40. Costco also has the ones that are knit.
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