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What's your plan for Black Friday? [was 'My Plan']


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Now that the Staples ad is out, I am ready to plan my BF. If all I get is the GPS, I'll consider this year a success, but i expect to get most of my staples items...


Walgreens (Thursday)

- wii games $9.99

- 2XL Skullcandy Ear Bud Headphones $4.99

- Blackstone Merlot 2/$14


Staples (Friday)

- Duracell 20-Pack AA or AAA Batteries FREE *

- HP Everyday Photo Paper, 8.5 x 11, Glossy 50-Pack FREE *

- TomTom XXL 540TM 5" Portable GPS System $129.99

- Seagate 1TB Expansion External USB Hard Drive $49.99

- HP 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive $29.99

- HP 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive $11.00

- HP Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse $7.99

- Staples 100-Pack 4.7GB DVD+R Blank Media Spindle $9.99 *

- Staples 100-Pack 4.7GB DVD-R Blank Media Spindle $9.99 *


update: forgot to edit things I don't want out of my Walgreens 'interesting items' list

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That's a good question. There are no great GPS threads, so I had to do all the work myself. I also had to work fast because Target had a one day sale and Kohls has a 30% off plus FS plus Kohls Cash promotion. I have been using a Navigon 2100t which is 3.5" had has text to speech and traffic with limited POIs. I was very happy with that except that the maps needed a refresh and the screen was getting smaller every year.


This one caught my eye because of 1) price ($130), 2) good reviews (Amazon, gpstracklog.com), 3) lifetime maps, 4) 5" touchscreen, 5) features (Spoken Street Names), 6) 7m POIs, and 7) lifetime traffic.


$130 is $30 less than the best price I've seen by $30. Since it is from Staples, I can use Discover Card gift cards to effectively get another 20% off, so $103 -- just four bucks more than I paid for my beloved Navigon 2100t.


Function matters most, but price is second and lifetime maps is worth $70. I think this is the best BF deal. I hope no one in front of me agrees...


PS Best BF deal so far was a hotpoint electric stove for $298 from home depot (online price) minus 10% shopdiscover cash back minus $50 GE employee discount with free delivery and removal. I think I GottaDeal ;-)

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Now that my top ads are out, I've narrowed down my plan as well:


WalMart 2AM --- getting $2 DVD's and the $98 LCD TV (hopefully)

CVS 4AM --- Two auto-count coin banks for the boys

Walgreen 5AM--- a few of the $2 1x cameras as stocking stuffers, Oral B rechargeable toothbrush and Kodak 12MP camera

Menards 6AM --- Most of my BF spending will be done here (approx $300 - 400). Love Menards ad

Target 8AM --- Hat/gloves sets for $2 for the family


Bought a few Christmas gifts online already so don't need too hit up Macy's, Kohls, or Best Buy this year.

Ready to go NOW!! lol

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So far my plan goes



6am - Meijer

9am - Walgreens (i think that's when they open)




12am - Walmart

4am - Target

5am - Kmart

6am - AJ Wright

7am - Big Lots


Plus a stop at Rite Aid sometime to pick up a couple things.


This also all depends on how long it takes in each store and the Kmart Thanksgiving Day ad.

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Plan so far:


I will be at Walmart at midnight. Then hopefully I will be at Target by 4 which will actually be 3 our time since we have to drive 45 minutes to a store over the state line. Then probably old navy and then toysrus. My friend and I have to get together to decide what we are gonna do. We will probably finalize next week since we are both in college right now and we are out next week.

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My unmade plans have been wrecked by my brothers decision to do Thanksgiving DINNER at his home@#!#%# WTF, we have always had Thanksgiving lunch and he knows I'm a serial BF shopper. He also sends the question of what's on sale. Of course camping out on my own at Walmart isn't a fabulous idea and I'm sure I'll get crap about it but I'm still seriously considering it.
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Not sure if you are amazon shopper or not but they have the GPS you want for $166.23 and you get an additional 20% off making it $132. Because you are not paying sales tax it might be cheaper. Good Luck!

Thanks for the tip. I did see that and have it in my cart, but I also have staples gift cards from Discover Cashback. Since they give $25 for $20, my out of pocket for the GPS from Staples (no tax in New Hampshire) will be <$100. Returns would be easier too. I plan to check in with them to see if they will have lots on hand and to play with the GPS before the crowds arrive. Then, if I still want it and there are not many or I decide to sleep in, I may go amazon.

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Old Navy at 11 for midnight opening. Taking mom so she can get in line while I quickly grab some stuff.

Walmart between 1am and 2am to check out the cheap DVD selection and pick up a couple of items (only if I don't get them online earlier in the day).

Mom going to Sears at 4 am to pick up a couple of doorbusters.

I'm going to Target at 4 am to check out the cheap DVD selection and pick up a few items.

Go home and pick up DD for breakfast at Ihop, then off to swim team practice and/or soccer tournament. Get home and bake cookies, play Christmas music, and begin decorating. :D

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Morning (by myself) - starting at 4:30am (I'm not getting there early):

1. Target - Xbox 360 4GB, (for someone else Mario Galaxy 2, Need 4 Speed: Hot Pursuit)

2. Home Depot - Dremel 4000, Cantilever organizer, poinsettia

3. Best Buy - to Browse, maybe printer Canon PIXMA MG6120

4. KMart - Madden 11 (I have a $30 coupon)

5. Walmart - NBA 2k11, Bourne Movies, Robin Hood

6. McDonalds - bring breakfast back for the wife and kids


After breakfast (in no particular order, with the wife):

Toys R Us - Kids stuff

Target - Big Bang Theory Season 3, Night at the Museum 2, It's Complicated, Punky Brewster, kids stuff, second $10 gift card

Mall - JC Penny, Old Navy, Sears - various wife things

Costco - free Cookbook, browse

Kohl's - Various odds and ends

BJ's - if I don't get the X360 I wanted, I'll get the 250GB here

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Thursday - Walgreens for the 2XL Skullcandy Ear Bud Headphones $4.99 (Thanks Len_Mullen) :)

Friday - Walmart Midnight Online - gonna try for the Stanley 3-Drawer Metal Tool Chest w/ 124-Piece Tool Set - $68.00

Friday - 6 am Tractor Supply $30 off Ariat Boots


after that it's off to meet my sisters...probably breakfast at TooJays, then we hit Kohls, Target, Tilly's, Claires, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ulta & BJ's and/or Sam's Club...shopping for nothing in particular, most all shopping and wrapping is done.

After all that we may go to Panara's for a late lunch:)

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the plan as of now.....


walmart - get there around 11pm thurs to find all the 12:01am deals we want. then go crazy running around the store at midnight :)

gamestop - the one in the same shopping center of walmart is opening at 12am as well. fingers crossed they have a used red ds lite. if not, we may be headed to a different gs...

driving about 30-40 minutes to a different town



then it's open to whatever else we may need to buy...bath&body works, toys r us, old navy, etc....


and i will probably hit up rite aid on thanksgiving day for wrapping paper, popcorn, butter cookies.

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I am trying to get the plan in place but I still have not finalized my list and I need to see who wants to go where in our group. I know that we need someone at Sears, Kohls, Best Buy, Walmart, Michaels, JoAnns, and Kmart. My DIL wants me to go to TRU with her too. I must be crazy because I'll probably do it.
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