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Need advise: kitchen playset


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I would like to get a play kitchen for my girls. My sister is willing to give us her kids' old one, similar to this: http://www.biglots.com/toys/item.aspx?cid=57&scid=198&iid=6890.



Otherwise, I am considering buying this one http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10340616



Hmmm, the pics didn't come up like I would like. The green one is similar to the one we could get for free, with all the food and accessories.

Pros: FREE!, comes with lots of food and accessories

Cons: Cheaply made, tippy, doors don't quite shut, a lot crammed into a small space, sink is too small to be usable for "washing" dishes - its mostly just for looks.


I like the silver one, but not sure if it is worth spending the $$ when we could get the other free.

Pros: sturdy, looks more like a real kitchen, big enough for 2 to play at once

Cons: costs $100, and if I go this route I will probably spend more on good quality play food/dishes.


So for those of you with young kids who have play kitchen experience: is it worth the price to get the better set, or will the kids not notice the difference?

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We had a Little Tikes kitchen (the indoor/outdoor one...with a kitchen on one side, the grill on the other). My kids LOVED it and it had great space and lasted us many years before we sold it. And it was still in great shape even then. (and it went through several daycare kiddos, too) :) Very well loved....and held up to it all.


Target used to have sets of food for $20 or so. We actually still have our food sets b/c they like to serve their animals and play restaurant with it. There are other sets that have dishes, too.


If you think the one from your sister will hold up to lots of play from your kids, I'd accept it if it's what you want. You know best what you'd like to have for your kids and what they'd get the best use out of...and HOW they play.


Dramatic play items are the best, especially kitchens like this. I always got a big kick out of watching them put on their little chef hats and play out scenes. Very cute! :D

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I have a pink version of the green/white one you posted. I bought it for my then 2 (now 5) year old and it's held up really well. I did have it located in a corner for a while, but the backside of it is flat, so it can also sit against a wall and not have any problems which is how I have theirs sitting now. Its heavily played with and has held up fine. In fact, I haven't had to change the batteries in it in the 3 years we've had it, even though its used daily.
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