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Kudos to My Walmart


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Went shopping at Walmart today with my 4 youngest children ages 7, 6, 5, and 2. I don't normally do this as they will drive me nuts. I usually leave them home with one of the teens. But none of them are home for a few days and so it's just me while DH is at work. Anyway we went in through the garden section and the kids saw the Christmas trees. I love Christmas and everyone gets a tree in their room. Well they had a blue tree and the boys decided they wanted it since the youngest daughter got a pink one last year when Christmas was over. So I said OK and we looked for one. None to be found. I went to the registar and the girl was nice and said she would scan it and see if they had some in the back. She did and said they had plenty. She was busy and said that she would get us one from the back after 12. I siad OK and we went shopping to get Thanksgiving stuff. Now mind you it was 10:45. So at a little after 12:00 we go back thinking she's had alot of time to get our tree. She was no longer checking ppl out, someone else was and so I asked for my tree and she looks at me and says rudely, I told you after 1:00. I said, no you said after 12:00 and she said well it's not going to be until after 1:00. She walked away and I just stood there and finally said, Fine we'll go to Big Lots and see if they have a blue tree. I don't know why you can't go and get me a dang blue tree! So we leave and I am pretty ticked. So on the way to Big Lots I call the store to complain. I am the customer after all! I ask for the manager and I proceed to tell him what happened. He apologized and said he was the new manager and that seemed to be the employees attitude towards customers and it would stop. He assured me when I came back in he himself would get me the tree. So I said we would head back over there as my boys really wanted the blue tree. So we get back and ask for him and here he comes from the back with the tree and says I will walk you to your car so you don't have any more problems. He then said he was GIVING us the tree for our time and effort of coming back. I was shocked! He walked us all the way out, handed the tree to my boys and said have a merry Christmas. So my kids are presently making a thank you card for him and they want to put up the tree and decorate it and take a picture and take it and give to him. I was totally shocked and pleased. Just had to share.
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