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Mini Digital TVs in BF ads


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There's one @ Walgreens for 79.99 also. I bought the mini 10" TV there last year for my SIL and it's great - she sat it on a kitchen counter and watches cable on it a lot. Wonder if the 7" is as good?

I picked up the one from Walgreens last year to use in our department to view training dvd's for one or two people at a time. It has a great picture although we have never hooked up an antenna to try out the digital tuner.


Kohl's has one this year for 69.99 but I think that's after rebate. I will be trying to score one too. I will be looking for one that is able to run on batteries, if there is such a thing. I haven't been able to find out too many details on that aspect though.


I have seen one of these types of TV's advertised somewhere that says it cannot be used while in motion, like in a moving car. Can't remember where I saw that one, so be careful if that will be an issue for you.


I have a portable 5" black and white which I used to use for emergencies since we have satellite TV and it goes out just when you need it most in severe weather and no electricity. Since the switch to digital TV it is now worthless. I am going to take it with me the next time I go to Mexico or the carribean and trade it for a souvenier or something since it will still work just fine those places.

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Hubby got me one for my birthday in September because my old one couldn't get stations with the new conversion.


My biggest complaint is that you can't watch it in a moving car like the old kind. I wanted it only for watching sports and I want it when I'm travelling. If I'd known you can't watch it in a van,I would not have wanted it but your situation may vary.

The picture is really good and picks up quite a few stations I didn't even know existed.


If being able to watch it while in the car is important to you,this isn't the tv for you unfortunately. If you just want it for on the counter or some place stationary then it's very nice imo!

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