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leapster or V-tech


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My boys had the Leapster and the V-tech http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51cLaWl3qoL._AA400_.jpg. They also make a leapster that you can use portable but will also plug into the tv so you can have the benefits of both.


They have both come down in price since I bought ours and include more extras. I think the Leapster games are a little older (agewise) than the vtech games. I bought my boys the keyboard for the vtech to try and get them to learn to type correctly. But they don't use it. So that isn't helping. They are too big for that now (7 and 9). They now have ds systems, gamecube, Playstation 2 and Wii and use those.


The vtech has big controllers for little hands. It depends on your childs finger dexterity and how they can manipulate little buttons on the leapster. When my kids were little they really did use both and I didn't feel like they were a waste of money.

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dd4 got a vsmile last year (ebay) and will get a handheld vsmile for xmas (Target clearance). as long as the games are in her age group, she likes them and really likes the smartbook that goes with it. Interested in the vsmile motion (the games are interchangeable between all the vsmiles)
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I bought my DS the Leapster 2 for Christmas. Can anyone tell me if the regular Leapster games will work in this one too? I just bought two games on clearance for a really good deal and now I'm worried that they won't work. :( Any help is very much appreciated. TIA
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