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PRINTABLE Disney BOLT $10 off Blu-Ray,$5 off DVD


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Got Walmart to price match TRU $24.99 for the blu ray, but when I handed them my $10 off coupon, the clerk got all twitchy and had to call a manager. I asked what the problem was and she said that the printed internet coupons were often fake and she had to get a manager to approve it. The Asst Manager comes over and tells me it's a copy. I told him how incorrect he was and that I got it straight from the Disney web site and there was no way it was a copy. He kept telling me it wasn't "in color" (I had printed in black and white) so needless to say I had to show my tail and he finally called the Manager who asked if it even scanned, the Asst Manager says "I dunno" and tries, well sure enough it goes right through and I get my blu ray. What an ordeal!


Any way, thanks for this post. I'm grateful for the $10 back in my pocket!

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If you printed using an inkjet printer, often the bar code lines print too thick because of the ink itself or because of ink bleeding on the paper. I've had this problem several times. When possible, print using a laser printer (toner not ink) those always scan.


I print coupons with my ink jet printer all the time and use internet coupons every week and rarely have problems with them not scanning.

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Just picked up the Bolt and Lilo movies tonight:

15.99 - $10 instant rebate, $15.99 - $10 coupon = $12.98 for both movies, then I will send in for the "Dinner and a Movie" rebate $4. previously mentioned.

You guys are the greatest!!!!

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