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American Girl free shipping until November 25th


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Just found out about this! The $10 off of $30 code still works too but for orders where you only need one small thing, or for larger items where the shipping is pricey, the free shipping is the better deal:



Free Shipping on orders from AmericanGirl.com


Code: giftship expires 11/25/08

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More free shipping codes:

PA80336 good thru Nov. 29

PA80173 good thru Nov. 28


Free doll stand code 158807 supposedly it increases your shipping charge. You can order just the free stand and you'll be charged $7.99 for shipping. (this code was found on another site)

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If you are interested in clothes for your American Girl doll this site has great clothes at a wonderful price. These are handmade and they fit the American Girl dolls. She also has adorable daughter and doll matching outfits. I have gotten matching outfits for my daughter and her friends for bithdays and holidays and they are a huge hit.


Ok for some reason it says I can't include a URL in my post but it is dollclothessuperstore

You can put in the www and the com yourself if you are interested.

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I've already got the doll stand and yes if you order it with anything it does increase the shipping charge by the 6.99 or 7.99 shipping on the doll stand. I ordered it separately then placed another order for some of the sale items using the $10 off 30 code!


Now I can order all 3 of the dolls for my girls in one order instead of 3 LOL thanks OP!!

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