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WINNERS PICKED! Win a Vizio 22" Widescreen HDTV from Geeks.com


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Win a Vizio HDTV from Geeks.com!


It's contest time, boys and girls! Our friends at Geeks.com have graciously given us a Vizio 22" LCD HDTV to give away here on the site this month. A big thank you to Geeks.com for this prize!


How to enter:


Since the grand prize is an HDTV, we want you to come up with a concept for a TV show somehow based on GottaDeal.com. It can be any type of show you'd like (comedy, drama, game show, reality show, etc...), but it has to incorporate the site and/or forum somehow. These do not have to be realistic shows - use your imagination!


At the bare minimum, post a text description of the concept for your show. Include as much information as possible about characters, storylines, rules if it's a game or reality show, etc... whatever works for your particular type of show.


If you want to really make an impact, include graphics, storyboards and Youtube videos to help illustrate your concept. You do not have to do these extra things, but since we'll be judging based on overall creativity, they might help. You can also host your entry on another site and post a link to it. As long as we all can view what you have to show us, it's all good.


You can use any graphics, logos, site elements, forum characters, etc... that you'd like. We will not provide any additional materials besides what is already on the site, but you have free reign over anything you'd like to use.


You must have a forum account to enter this promotion, so if you are a lurker, click here to register for an account.


Entries will be accepted until November 30th at 11pm ET. At the time, myself and the moderators will evaluate all entries and determine the grand prize winner and 3 runners-up based on overall creativity. Winners will be announced the week of December 1st.


The grand prize winner will receive the Vizio HDTV. The 3 runners up will each receive GottaDeal.com t-shirts (new design coming soon).


If you are concerned with others taking your idea, you can either wait until the last day to post your entry, or you can PM it to me instead.


If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread.


Good luck to everyone!



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Talk Show. This one is getting more and more popular on the internet. There is a program out (Podcast) on the internet called Diggnation. It's an AWESOME webcast and it is a BLAST to watch. The two hosts talk about the hottest stories on the social website Diggnation. Now, I think you could "morph" this idea to cover the hottest deals instead of news stories.


These are what I have so far. If I think of anything else, I will edit this post =)

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a comedy about a housewifes secret shopping obsession and how she uses the site to fuel her obsesstion without her family finding out due to her fantastic deal finding ablities, but of course she is finally found out and has to go to rehab with fellow Gottadeal.com members which is where things get interesting and funny as different personality types are introduced and tell thier shopping addiction stories. Edited by amberjobryant
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To make things fair, please only include one type of show in your entry. If your post contains more than one entry, we'll only judge the first one listed when determining the winners. Feel free to edit your post up until the contest deadline.
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Reality show: pick a selected group of 10(or any # you choose)people. They have a mission, shop shop and shop. They will be given a list of items that are needing to get. They are given a debit card with a limit and a list of ads. The trick is to see how many items they can get with a limited amount of time. They have to have a stratagey to get as much as possible within the limited amount of time. The one who gets the most items from the list wins. There would be Black Friday signs all over as well as the sponsers signs all over.
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How about a game show like "Let's Make a Deal" where the contestants are people in line waiting for great doorbusters on BF! People would be asked for different items that they might have with them while they are waiting for stores to open. Maybe even some little competitions between friends and family members that are waiting together. The big prize could be a chance to win the doorbuster of your choice BEFORE the store even opens. IS IT BF YET??????
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how about a magazine show. you could have one to two hosts in studio. they could discuss the different ads and then go to field reporters at the stores to do product previews and interview customers. there could be a live chat forum and prize giveaways.
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Since reality shows are all the rage,I'd create a reality show.


Name: The Smartest Shopper presented by GottaDeal.com


Participants: People who are avid posters on GottaDeal.com would be selected to participate on the show; there could also be some sort of contest that would be posted for people to "try out" for the show. The show could have people competing individually or as teams--think different variations of the reality shows such as "Biggest Loser: Families" and "Biggest Loser: Couples".


Moderator/host: There would be a moderator/host on the show, the person who gives the participants their "tasks" and "challenges" that they must complete in order to stay on the show/win the competition. We'd bring back Bob Barker out of retirement to host this show; his "Price is Right" experience would come in handy.


Tasks/Challenges: Participants or teams (depending on the season/variation of the show) would have to perform tasks/challenges. Some possible challenges would be as follows:

-Find a particular coupon code online and post it on Gottadeal.com first

-Complete an online transaction with a well-known retail establishment (partner of gottadeal.com), but to win the challenge, your team would have to have the lowest total (they could find coupon codes and special deals online in order to do this).

-Challenges could also be on location and could take the form of popular "Price is Right" type games; they would center around guessing prices of certain items.

-The Final Challenge would take place on Black Friday. The participants or teams would be given a list of items to get and they'd all be at different stores in an area. Some would be doorbusters/some would not, etc. They'd have to try to figure out a plan of attack so they can hit all of the stores at the right times and get the assigned items. Receipts would be compared to see who got the best deals.



Prizes: For completing/winning various challenges, there would be prizes, like special shopping sprees. This would also include a Black Friday Special Pass, earning the winner first dibbs at Doorbusters and deals before the store opens to the public. The team or participant who earned the Black Friday Pass would have a definite edge in the Final Challenge (above).


Grand Prize: The Grand Prize would be to pay off the team or participants credit card debt and to give them a holiday shopping spree, in which all of the gifts they want to purchase are paid for for the entire season.

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I know at my house I hear alot of jokes about my "addiction" to GottaDeal so:

How about " GottaDealer vs.Family"

The gottadealers and thier families go head to head for a pre-determined amount of time, Lets say 2 hours.

They have to :

Find and enter the most contests.

Find deals at the local BM

Find freebies.

Purchase Items at extremely wonderful prices (just like we do everyday)

Post all these deals strike up friendships and still get their daily challenges( ie: kids to school,dinner,etc.) done.

I am confident we would rule !!

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my show idea would be like a PAX OR LIFETIME show about a girl who really want to help people but doesn't really have money or the means. She friviously finds people in her community to help all the while winning stuff on gottadeal.com and finding deals on things thru the website. She even goes to the freebie forum in search of goodies for the homeless. Every week she touches the live of one individual through her simple searches with gottadeal.com...
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How about a satirical police dramedy? CSI: Consumer Sale Investigator. Every week, a new sale pops up somewhere, and Special Investigator Stevens has to see how they get their prices so low, and if they'll possibly drop any more. Then you'll have some evil villain who always tries to get people to pay full price, but is always outsmarted by some savvy shopper who finds his low prices on GottaDeal dot com.
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I'd like to have a show about teaching people to use computers to be able to use Black Friday deals.

I work with people who even have trouble using a mouse and are afraid of computers.

People could call in to the show and ask questions. We would use non-technical examples and wording.

It would be low key and less stressful by using an older host, like my 72 year old mom (who by the way is really catching on and is on her third computer and hooked it up to a 42 inch lcd tv/monitor.) Or it could be a mother-daughter team.

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Concept: It's a comedy TV series about 4 friends on GottaDeal, but in real life they continually out scoop the other person on deals.



Iluvdeals59 (Janice)- Female, 59 y.o. Strong minded 59 housewife with 3 kids

Yuli (Yuli)- Female, 20 y.o. College Junior living in dorms

Josh79 (Josh)- Male, 27 y.o. Single in the city working in IT

BigBear222 (Marshall)- Male, 66 y.o. Retired marine empty nester.


Pilot Episode:

The beginning of each episode shows the different people chatting to each other online and submitting deals. They IM, they laugh, they jab each other with great puns and sarcasm. One by one, each person leaves online and ventures out into the world to find in-store deals and use in-store coupons.


Josh heads over to Target to purchase a Wii game and some light bulbs. Yuli is already in line purchasing some dorm accessories and she uses her $5 off coupon (printed from the Internet). Josh is in the back of Yuli's line noticing her use the coupon. After Yuli finishes her purchase, the Target manager starts putting signs up by the register disallowing printed Target coupons. Josh gets into line ready to use his and gets denied the use of his printable coupon. A hilarious argument ensues and we see Yuli driving away.


Meanwhile in another part of town, Janice and Marshall happen to be at the same Best Buy. Both heard about the insanely good deal on Sony digital cameras 8.1 mp. The camera pans back and forth from the two quickly searching for the digital camera section. Just then, Janice spots the section and heads over. Just as she's about to grab the camera, Marshall's hand pops into the frame snatching the camera out of her reach. Marshall then trips (from Janice's cane) and the camera pops in the air and Janice catches it. She then proceeds to the checkout and heads off.


Each week more comical interactions happen to the group in the real world, but they remain friends in the GottaDeal virtual world.

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Welcome to "Gottadeal or No Deal" and here is your host Howie Gotadeel...... (pronunciation: How-he Gotta-Deal). Lets welcome our beautiful ladies with their shiny cases...


Say hello to our first contestant all the way from Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg Lake Massacusetts. (Yes this is a real city)......Sammy Wontzadil (pronounced: Sam-he Wants-a-deal).


He will be playing for his chance to camp out in the store of his choice for Black Friday!! (Crowd…OOOOHHH) Not only will he be in the warmth of the store, but he will also be granted unlimited access to the use of the facilities (i.e. BATHROOM)-(Crowd: AHHHHHHH) ANNNNNDDDDD to top it all off he will get his very own “Gottadeal.com” T-Shirt (Crowd- Cheers, hoohoohoohoo, yells!!)


“Pick your case” …….”25” …….”Now pick 6 cases”…..”Remember, you want to knock off the “last place in line” case”, “and our banker will begin to offer you gift cards to fantastic stores to get rid of you. He doesn’t want you getting his door busters and will do anything to stop you”

1st case is: oooohhh 5th in line …..ouch

2nd case is: hand warmers….not bad

3rd case is: hot chocolate all night…..you can do without that right?

4th case is: 1st pick at Door Buster ticket…….Banker is lovin’ you right now

5th case is: Free pizza while in line….. Who likes pizza anyway, right?

6th case is: Case of Depends………Man you could have used those!!


Ring Ring Ring……uh oh there’s the banker- “Yah”- uh huh, ok, I see!”

“He says, you’ve been added to his Christmas Card list, he likes you so much”

“And we’ll find out the offer”…….”right after a word from our sponsors”……”Gottadeal.com” (Crowd- Awwwwww)

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Girls Gone Wild....Black Friday!


It would be a cross between WWE and a soap opera (which we all know that WWE is a soap for men).


Take some of the more entertaining/scary stories that we have heard about black friday and vamp them up to 'entertainment' like.....2 women fighting over the last Furby (back in the day...) lots of hair pulling and body slammin' going on!

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Mine is a Sci-Fi thriller based sometime in the very near future. GottaDeal has become the biggest site on the internet. Secretly controlling the online world of shopping and deals. Members vie for the time on the forums, the NEED for their GottaDeal fix far outweighs the frustration of connection time outs and constantly refreshing the page.


The controller, only known to the outside world as Chad, is secretive and mysterious. Nobody has ever seen him and his posts are few and far between. Some members, those who are still cynical and remember the old days of More.Com, $20off$20 Petco coupons and Flooz, wonder if Chad really exsists.


The biggest draw to GottaDeal, and posting on the forums, are the collection of smilies. These smilies are created and protected by Chad’s 2nd in control, Harker. Posters are given smilies for rewards, posting a good deal, helping another member, etc. Some of the smilies are very unique and one of a kind. They are the most coveted.


Deep into the Black Friday Holiday of 2037 (in 2020 President Jolie declared Black Friday a federal holiday), some of the more cynical posters question Chad’s affiliation with retail giant Target Mart. The preview ad seemed too good to be true. The prices would draw everyone to the retailer leaving the other stores empty and penniless at the end of the holiday season.


Two active members of the community question him. Question his ethics, his background, his relation to the Sam Walton family. They decide to meet, they live close and could plan the meet up to hit the 22 CVS stores in the 15 miles between their homes.


DeppGirl and Hoff were surprised to find the other wasn’t what they expected. DeppGirl was a 42 year old blonde with a tattoo of a skull and crossbones on her left cheek and Hoff was a 17 year old computer geek fresh out of High School.


They connected easily and soon formulated a plan to show the world that Gottadeal was really run by Target Mart. They believed Chad was just a figurehead, that he was just as much make believe as Geoffrey the Giraffe. “Harker” was more than likely a conglomeration of people working in the basement of Target Mart.


The season finale would have our 2 heroes causing a massive uproar in the Gottadeal community. Threads are locked left and right, members are banned for believing the 2 naysayers. Until finally the site goes down.


After 2 weeks of being “Under Construction”, Hoff logs back in under a new username. He is sad to see that things haven’t changed. The TargetMart threads are still the longest and the other deals never seem as good. The only difference are the new Smilies. Posters are fighting over them like they are gold. He looks at them, doesn’t see anything special, just normal smilies, like people or animals. Then he sees one that sends a chill down his spine. A perky, blonde smiley with a skull and crossbones tattoo on the cheek. That’s when he realizes in horror that there never will be anyone to cross Target Mart. He frantically types one last post, prepared to send and run for his life.



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GottaDeal Memory Game Show


Constants have an hour or two to look over last years BF ads then are asked questions such as which stored had this item, or which store had the biggest ad, or show a picture from an ad and they have to guess the price.

The bonus round they would have to match usernames to avatars.


The host would be BigJimSlade, he has the perfect personality and voice for it lol

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A reality show about people who go out and try to obtain the ads for Black Friday deals. It would be a group of people who have access to a small amount of information that would get them started on their quest. They would the search for people or sources that could give them the inside track to upcoming sales. The ultimate winner would obtain the walmart ad. The prize would be the opportunity to get first dibs on the earlybird items from each and every business and a lump sum of money in which to spend.
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An hour long 'drama' show along the lines of the police procedurals or the medical shows - where there is a full cast with interaction, story lines, family issues, etc. But the common ground is their work - in the technology field that is. Why should the cops and the docs get all the fun? Follow the lives of a group of friends who work behind the scenes. See the long hours, the dramatic network crashes, their inside scoop on online content. One of the characters might have a bit of an online shopping addiction and decide to moderate online shopping forums. Viewers would be able to see a GottaDeal screen in the background of some scenes.
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Gotta Deal-Talk Show


Have the founder of Gotta Deal host a talk show about the website. Have famous guests, as well as "everyday savers" on the show. Talk about savings, deals, sales, etc... Have fun contests for viewers and site members. Have a "Deal of the Day" from the audience who, when chosen, shares their latest "deal" and then wins a prize. Have a monthly drawing for site members who can win tickets to the show, as well as to be a guest on the show.

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{obnoxious gameshow announcer voice}

It's Tiiiiime for America's faaaaaaaaavorite game show...


The show where destroying perfectly good items is soooooo muuuuch fuuuuuun!!!

The rules are simple...a contestant is "randomly" chosen from the audience! They tell us about a product that they bought recently and how much they paid for it! Then it's time to find out if they

Gotta Deal, or Get Destroyed!!!

Our judges go do a search on America's favorite deals website, GottaDeal.com, to see whether there's a better deal! If our judges can't find one, the contestant Gotta Deal! Tell'em what they'll win, Bob!


Thanks, Al! Contestant, if you Gotta Deal, you'll win a brand new as-seen-on-TV Tobi Steamer! But wait! There's more! You'll also win the Perfect Pushup! Along with that, winners also will get a year's supply of Proactiv Solution. But that's not allllllll!!! You'll not only get the Tobi Steamer, the Perfect Pushup, and the Proactiv Solution! We'll also give you this set of Ginsu Knives! All of these great prizes are yours if you...Gotta Deal! And that's not all! All winners on today's show will be entered in the grand prize drawing at the conclusion of today's show for this incredible grand prize....it's an all-expenses-paid vacation to beautiful Dover, Delaware!

Back to you, Al!


Thanks, Bob! Those are some outstaaaaaaaaaanding prizes for our winners! But, what about those unlucky contestants who don't Gotta Deal? Well, thaaaaaaaaaaaaat's the fuuuuuun part of our show, those unlucky contestants get to watch their beautiful item that they paid too much for....GEEEEEEEEEET DESTROOOOOOOOYED!!! That's right, the losing contestants will get to watch in horror (and we'll all get to watch in amusement, since it's not ours!) as their beautiful item GETS DEEEESTROOOOOOOOYED!!!


And now here's America's faaaaaaaaaaavorite game show host! Skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip Winkerbash!!!



Skip: For our first contestant, leeeeeeeet's chooooose...Joe H. from Sheboygan, Wisconsin! Letttt's see if

{audience chanting with Skip}




{/audience chanting with Skip}


Skip: Hi Joe, ready to play Deal or Destroy?

Joe: You bet, Skip!

Skip: Ok, so what's your item that you just bought recently?

Joe: I bought this awesome new gaming PC! it really rocks Skip!

Skip: weeeell, it may rock, but let's see if {more chanting}YOU...GOTTA...DEEEEEAL!!!{/more chanting}

Skip: So, Joe, how much did buy it for?

Joe: I got it on this awesome sale at WalyWorld for only $1199

Skip: ok, now it's time for our judges to go to work, and we'll find out if Joe's gaming rig is a DEAL, or gets DESTROYED!

Judge: Skip, I just found a deal on GottaDeal.com for this exact same PC for a price of....{drumroll}...$899!

Skip: ooooooooh, ouch, sorry Joe, that's gotta hurt. Well everybody, let's have some fun now as we watch Joe's perfectly fine gaming PC

{audience chanting}



{/audience chanting}

Skip: for this contestant, we've randomly chosen the method of destruction for his PC is that it will be thrown off a cliff...and heeeeEEEERE IT GOES!!!

{insert footage of PC being thrown off a cliff}

(here's a funny video that I found of somebody throwing a PC off a cliff, just as an example of how FUN this would be to watch!


Skip: oooh, wow, sorry about the PC there, Joe. Better luck next time! Thanks for playing, and we've got some nice consolation prizes for you.




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