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Get Your GottaDeal.com T-Shirts!


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OK. Here's the deal. I am now officially taking orders for the shirts. You will receive 2 pens with each shirt you buy. The shirts will be $10 each, which includes shipping. When you factor in the cost of the shirts, shipping, and bubble mailers, it is below cost - so it's a below-retail-steal-of-a-deal :)


To get your shirt(s), be sure to follow these instructions:


First, check below to make sure the size(s) you want are still available. Like I said before, I used the poll we did to determine what sizes to order, so if a size runs out, it's your fault for not speaking up before :P


Second, send me a PM with the word T-Shirt somewhere in the title. In your message, include the following:


* quantity and sizes of shirts you are ordering

* your mailing address

* how you will be paying (PayPal or check/money order/cash)


Third, it's first come, first served, so I will take the PMs in the order I receive them, confirm that your size(s) and quantity is still available, and then I will reply to your PM confirming your order with either the PayPal e-mail address to use or the mailing address to send checks/money orders/cash to. Please give me a few hours to confirm your PM before bugging me about it ;)


Fourth, you send payment, I receive payment, I send shirt(s) :) Simple as that.


To make sure everyone gets a chance, there will be an initial limit of 3 shirts per person. And I have to save some for the contests, so when the Large/XL sizes start getting low, I'll probably stop selling those so we have some of those left for the contest winners.


T-Shirts Remaining


Small: ;)


Medium: :D:D:D:D:D:D


Large: :):):):):):)


As for the all important pens, here's the deal. You can have 10 pens for $5 shipped. Just follow the same instructions as for the shirts. If you want to add them to your shirt order, that's fine - just mention it in your PM. Limit of 10 per person, and once I get low enough, I'll stop the ordering until I get more in.


If you don't want to pay for them, you can also send me a self-addressed-postage-paid-mailer and I'll send you some that way. PM me for details if you want to do that.


And here once again is the photo of the shirts:


Posted Image


Let the ordering begin. If you have any questions, post them in this thread and I'll answer them for everyone.



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COOL! So you guys will make a bra that will have a G on one cup and a D on the other and then ".com" on the back clasp? :rotflmao:

Sure, but for the advertising we'll be holding auditions for models in the coming weeks :2woot:
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I got mine yesterday, and they look nice. The shirts look better in person than they do in the picture. I'll have it on this weekend...maybe I'll just stand in front of Best Buy, spreading the goodness of GottaDeal. :D
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