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How long do you normally stay out on Black Friday?


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It really all depends. Last year we were done by 11am...we kept looking at each other in disbelief we were 'done'!

We are not ones to wait on the line. I can't stand nasty, pushy people and if you want that something that badly, you can have it. Normally we start at the earliest open date in our town. We've already mapped our route (not in stone) so we arrive 20 mins early and sit in the warm car (I absolutely can not tolerate cold and its cold on BF morn!) until the doors open. We do not push our way in, although last year my husband was pulled in, literally, by a random customer in line at Walmart so by the time I entered the store he was already in the electronics line, 3rd from front and able to get our camera, a laptop for the kids and 2 DS bundles. Now mind you, my then 17 yr old son wanted to shop w/us so he actually stood in the cold line for me and when I approached he explained his mom can't take cold and he was holding my spot. He is so anxious to come with us again this year.

So after finding our deals (and then some) we head out for breakfast. Usually this is around 10 or 11 when early shoppers are getting cranky from being tired and late shoppers are cranky trying to navigate crowds. Some years we meet up w/friends for breaky, but like last year, our group of friends split up and headed out of town for the still early deals.

My kids are older (younger still may believe...) so I don't even know what we are going to be purchasing this year...other than a laptop for our college bound senior! (I'm so busted if he signs on and reads my post <waving>)

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