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How many people are on your list??? Who are they???


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Daughter 10- $300 +/-

Stepson 18- $300 +/-

Stepdaughter and Son in Law- $300 +/- total

Father In Law- $100 +/-

Husband- Varies, sometimes we don't buy for each other.

My Mom- $100 +/-

My Dad- $100 +/-

Sister In Law- $50 +/-

My Sister 23- $30 +/-

My Brother 25- $30 +/-

My Sister 33- $50 cash (we had agreed not to buy for each other but she is a single mom barely making ends meet)

My Nephew 7 or 8- $30 +/-

My Gram 86- This year we are giving her $100 because she can barely make ends meet.

Then we buy for a few of my DH's friends but only spend about $10 each.

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I don't really have a set price for each person. Its whatever they ask for OR what I decide to buy them


I buy for My mom and dad

My kids ages 13 (soon to be 14) and 8

My husband

My mother-n-law

My brother-n-law

My sister

My 2 nieces ages 5 (twins)

My nephew age 10

My 3 dogs (yes, they get presents and a stocking each).

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I never really set a dollar amount, for our 3 kids we go by amount spent and number of presents. A $200 present for my 12 year old can mean the same as a $50 present to my 8 year old. This year each one is getting a laptop but it is not normal we would spend that much on each one- especially because I don't want them getting just one present.


3 kids

My parents

My other parents

His parents

My Grandma

His Grandma

2 Nephews

1 Niece

2 Sisters

3 Aunts/Uncles

My dogs

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im crazy,, i buy for everyone.


but i dont set limits really .. i started to last yr.


all the kids that i know i spend 25.00 so if the toy cost 10 they would get another usally most of hte kids always got two toys thanks to all the deals i find and gd finds for me. im usally almost done by oct but this yr money is very very hard to find so i wont be doing much this yr.good thing i hit target and got most of the girls stuff last yr.


my kids last yr i had lots of extra money ( came into some extra cash ) so my kids were very spoiled and they usally are


i usally spent about 300-400 on ds 8 but last yr he got wii and about 10 games new ds and two games and like 4 small things. have no idea this year. he did ask for his own ps3 i siad no.


ds 5 he got alot of things incl the smart cycle spent about 200-250 on him this yr i have no idea as they dont ask for much anymore cause they all have it. and share them .


ds 17 never really asks for much. i just buy what ever is hot that year for him cause hes not into anything but music. and movies. so last year i got him the ps3 80 gb. plays it ever day and so does my ds 8 with him.

he is to get his dl tomorrow so i was thinking a visa card for gas. navigator, and he wants the tom delong guitar. that alone is 500. so im really not sure what im gonna do. i will be out of work (collecting) but wont be the same as me working.


dh and i usally only buy something small. but last year he got me such great gifts. i dont think this year we will be doing it again

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Like a lot of people our list grows each year.


We buy for (I do the shopping and wrapping DH does the working and supporting:gdinlove:)



My Mom

My Dad

My Brother and his wife(Newlyweds)

Niece (8) (Brothers wifes daughter, who he will be adopting)

Niece (21) (Brothers wifes daughter, who he will not be adopting, she has a great relationship with her Dad)

His Dad and his wife.

His Grandma and Grandpa

His middle Brother and wife



His youngest Brother and wife

Nephew(6 mos)

My Best Friend

His Assistant

His student assistants (6)

His volunteers (3)

Angel Tree gifts (7)


Wow:cheesy: I didn't realize we gave gifts to so many people.


This year there are four new family members. My brothers family and his youngest brothers son.


I'm not quite sure how much we spend. I always find great deals.


When giving gifts to the inlaws I try to go by the value of the gift, instead of how much I paid for it. Most family members do not realize how great the deals are that I find. For example I decided to give one of my SIL's a certain cookbook that was released this year, the book is List Price $24.95 and sometimes on sale for $17.95 at the bookstore, but I found it at Marshals for $6.99! I LOVE finding deals like this. A great gift at a great price. You just can't beat that. And its why I try to shop early:yup:

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26 people
Which I'm sure will turn into more before christmas rolls around!

My Side of the Family

  • Son - 2 years
  • Boyfriend
  • Brother
  • Brothers wife
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Uncle
  • Friend of family
  • Bestfriend
  • Bestfriends son (1 1/2)
  • Bestfriends daughter (2 months)
  • Friend

    His Side of the Family!
  • Grandma
  • Aunt L
  • Cousin J
  • Cousin S
  • Cousin A
  • Uncle D
  • Aunt N
  • Aunt A
  • Uncle S
  • Cousin J
  • Cousin M
  • His Mother
  • His Father
  • His Brother

:eyepoppin - and I'm almost done with shopping! :D
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My family is still trying to decide if we're going to skip out on gifts for each other and just participate in the Holiday Angels program this year. A couple of us want to do the Holiday Angel thing and a couple of us are selfish and want to receive gifts. :tongue1:


Here's my list of people I'm going to buy for if we ditch the Holiday Angels thing:




Sister (23)

Sister (21)

Sister's Fiancee

Pets (2 dogs and 3 birds)

3 Friends

One of my friend's kids (Gabby and Gracie are 1 and Emma was born in October)

One of my friend's niece (Kloei is 1)

My cousin and her two children (Sofia is 2 and Gavin will be born in February)

Another cousin

I might also participate in my Secret Santa at work

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  • 2 weeks later...

































crossing guard



husbands boss

So that puts us at 36, plus my hubby and kids buy for me, lol.

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Mom and Dad



3 nephews

1 nephew's wife

2 great-nephews

2 cats

1 vet hospital and/or animal shelter

1 boss, 1 office manager, 2 employees I supervise


All done except DH, Mom & Dad, my boss, and the cats. :D I haven't spent more than $15 on anyone.

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DD9 $200

DH $75


My Mom $50

My Grandma $50

My niece 3 $50

My nephew .5 $50

My cousin M19 $30

My cousin F12 $30

My Secret Santa name $30} HOPEFULLY THIS CRAP WILL

DH Secret Santa name $30} END THIS YEAR!!!:banghead::banghead::banghead:


His Mom $50

His Dad $50

His niece 9 $60

His nephew 7 $60


Our friend F $10

Our friend F $10

Kid F12 $25

Kid M11 $25

Kid F7 $25

Kid F7 $25

Kid F2 $25


DD's BFF $15

Girlfriend's Kid Secret Santa Thing $25

Teacher $25

Gifted Teacher $10

Religious Ed Teachers $10

My boss $40


Also my family is adopting a family through the Salvation Army. And I'm always running out on the 23rd because I forgot someone. I only have a couple of things so far, I'm a major BF shopper and I try to get 80-90% completed by then. That way I have

December to NOT FREAK OUT shopping for everyone, just filling in the holes. It's much easier to be at the mall when you need two thing than when you need 50.


Thanks for making this thread, I'm just finishing up my budget and this is helping me pull it all together.

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Here is my list:




(Dont keep prices for DD or DH, but they usually wind up with the same amount of gifts)

Mom ($50)

Dad ($50) Although Mom & Dad are going to get a Omaha Steaks Dinner Pack this year so it will be a combined gift for both of them.

Grandmother ($50)

Mom & Dad In-laws ($50)

4 Neices/Nephews ($30 each)

2 Secret Santas from work ($30 each)

Male Friend ($30)

Female Friend ($30)

2 Dogs :D


Plus, then I buy food for the local holiday food drive, plus food or stuff for the animal shelter and probably a large gift basket for the elderly which I'll drop off at our nursing home up the street.

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I have 38 people on my list this year!! Hubby gets off easy, I'm the only person on his list! lol


Our son (4 1/2) - most important!



My side:

Mom and Dad

Brother (20)

Brother (10)

Gram and Pap



His side:

Mom and Dad

Brother and Wife

Sister and Husband

Nephew (6)

Niece (5)

Niece (2 1/2)


Great Aunt




Donna and Mike






Friends' Kids

Boy (11)

Girl (3)

Girl (1)

Girl (2 months)



My boss

Mail Carrier

Son's 2 teachers

4 neighbors (we buy for families)

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Hmm. I have no family. My list is:


Me, myself and I


Do a gift exchange w/ my 4 friends but it's now strictly $10 limit.


I also just randomly give presents (DVDs, $20 gas cards...etc) for random people in December. I see someone doing something nice and give them a gift. Holding a door open for someone, a cashier who looks exhausted but still managed to treat the customer nice, returning the shopping cart to the cart corral...etc


Also give a lot to Toys for Tots. I'll go to TRU and ask kids what is a good gift as I have no clue what are cool gifts. Though I also buy lots of nerf hoops, hot wheels and Barbie/Bratz dolls.


Though I am at a loss on what to give this chick in my college class. Trying to think of something more personal than a generic gift card but not too personal that reeks of creepiness.

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My list of people:


My parents

My 2 brothers

Grandparents on moms side

Grandparents on dads side

My aunt

Cousin and her fiancee

My aunt and uncle and 2 cousins

My husband- he already knows what hes getting but its on layaway and it will hopefully be paid off by Christmas, we hope.


i still have my hubbys side of the familys presents from last year still. We werent able to go see them, so his aunt told me to kep them till we are able to. They live in brooklyn, ny. She told me to not do anything for them this year. So I feel bad , but we are tight on a budget this year. And she knows that.

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I also just randomly give presents (DVDs, $20 gas cards...etc) for random people in December. I see someone doing something nice and give them a gift. Holding a door open for someone, a cashier who looks exhausted but still managed to treat the customer nice, returning the shopping cart to the cart corral...etc


That's awesome. Last year I was the recipient of a random act of kindness. I was looking at wrapping paper in Walmart with my then 18 month old and an older woman came down the aisle so I apologized for blocking the aisle and moved the cart. She stopped and handed me a card and said I'd like you to have a wonderful holiday, I give cards out every year to people I come across while I'm out and about during the holidays. She told me not to open it until she left. I thought it was a little weird, but opened it after I finished picking out my wrapping paper and was surprised to find a gift card for a local supermarket for $50 inside a Christmas card.


Anyway, my list to buy for:


DS’s – 13, 11, 7, 2

Parents – Joint gift with sister

MIL – Supermarket gc

Grandmother – Supermarket gc


SIL & BIL –Joint gift, usually restaurant gc & small fun stuff

Nieces – 17, 5, 4, 2

Nephews – 10, 2

Friend – Family gift


Toys for Tots

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my list use to be really really long. but due to out of work and economy.we decided to only buy for kids this yr.






god child

god child sister

1friend daughter

2friend daughter

3friend daughter

3friend son

neice 1

neice 2

neice 3

nef 1.


that is it and i just need neice 1 &2 and nef .. and gps for my son. and then im done and i even hae wrapped all there gifts ..

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