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southwest airlines went the extra mile

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Long story short, I checked on flights very late last night to FL and my roundtrip ticket was going to be $253. It would cost me more in gas to drive, so I thought this was a good deal. I clicked on the Wanna-Get-Away to see any travel date or advance restrictions. They didn't have any posted.


I went to book my flight today after getting the OK with my sister, and my flight had more than doubled. After calling SWA, I found out that the Wanna-Get-Way required a 7 day advance purchase/booking. I looked all over the booking area in the website, and it never lists the 7 day advance requirement.


I then spoke with a supervisor and went through the same scenario. She then looked on-line, and she also noticed that they give all kinds of details EXCEPT a time restriction. They even have a chart to compare fares, and the time restriction for booking is not listed. The supvr ended up booking my original flights at the cheaper fare. I couldn't believe it. She was on the phone with me for about 45 minutes. I actually talked to someone that was super nice and super helpful. Who new that these people existed in customer service????


Anyway, my flights are booked. She has also made a request to update the website, even if it is only a little asterisk by the type of flight booked. She said that I got screwed b/c when I looked at the calendar last night, all the dates that I chose were 7 days in advance, and I wouldn't have noticed a very large fare change.


I just had to give a postive plug for SWA. I was only calling so that they would make a very small change to the website so that someone else wouldn't find out that their fares would double if they didn't book with the advance purchase.


I am just so tickled that someone went the extra mile. I am also very stunned. I got her name and badge number, and I would like to send an email about her awesome customer service.

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I am still in a state of shock. This lovely woman took so much of her time to help me. She even thanked ME at the end of the call. I will most likely never have such a positive customer service experience again, so I need to just bask in the warm and fuzzy feeling of being helped.:)
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I know this might not go over really well because customer service should be a positive experience for the customer...however, have you thought about contacting SWA to acknowledge the rep you dealt with? I try to do that when I come across exceptional service---which is so rare these days! Like they say...customer service should be renamed---customer no service!
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