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tool work bench and/or storage?

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I was hoping someone here could help me out, because at this point I think I might end up trying to build my own...


My dad really wants to turn half of our garage into a work station/tool area. He has one of those tall tool boxes on wheels (and he doesn't care for it too much). He said he wanted one like the one he had in nj.... And I can't find anything like it online.


Basically it looked like a storage chest for tools on either side, with a long piece of wood on top (table/work surface), and the back had peg board & shelves.


I've tried searching under "workbench", "toolbench" "work station" and "tool station" and I can't find anything suitable. Not only suitable but cost effective.


I was hoping to stay under $300. Also was hoping for something that is easy assembly... I'm handy with tools and all, but I'm just a bit.... lazy (I don't like to read the directions).


Can someone point me in the right direction?


I've tried looking at lowes.com, sears.com, homedepot.com, walmart.com, and target.com...

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Was it all in one piece, or was this a few items made to work either together or separately? As an example at Costco I've seen tool bench and cabinets that you can buy separate, but they will fit with each other size and looks wise.


The Sears near me just had a $60 toolwall on clearance for ~$20, pegboard with shelving, lighting, and electrical outlets built in.

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do you think I'd be able to improvise?


maybe I could get 2 of these:





and then get a very nice large slab of wood to set across them to form a table...

and buy peg board to mount to the garage wall?


i don't want to compromise (boblabontefan - you were close, but that station is rather small...) too much on it, because let's be honest - this is his escape from the estrogen in the house. ;)


i'm just worried that the storage units will be too short. but i guess i can always not put the wheels on, but instead mount the units onto thick wood blocks (or sit them on cinder blocks) to make them higher.

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I found this at Lowes don't know if its what your looking for.





4-Drawer Ball-Bearing Workbench with Powered Backwall


Item #: 175208 Model: WB4604

$159.00 I can't figure out how to post a copy of the picture they had.

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If you are handy with tools, workbenches are pretty straightforward. You can get your tabletop pre-cut at the lumber yard if to make it more manageable (especially if you don't have a table saw.


I built my computer desk last Fall (not quite a workbench, but it's similar) -- it's on wheels 'cause wheels are cool!


I have a different computer now so things look a little different:



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If you have the room, I would build a workbench with a large shelf on the bottom for all of the tool cases and then have a rolling tool cabinet seperate. I built this bench a few years back and it has held up to all kinds of abuse. It is solid and sturdy and didn't cost a lot to make. Check out the plans here: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=howTo&p=Build/Workbench.html
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