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Poster Frames

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We are decorating the kids rooms with posters (boys have sports stuff, DD8 has HSM and puppies). Do you know of any place to find deals on several poster frames? Would it be cheaper/better to have them mounted on foam board at a copy shop or even laminated?
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don't get them laminated.


definately have them mounted on foam board - you can do that at a copy shop or any custom framing store.


as far as poster frames, they can be found at your independent retailer/franchisee (deck the walls, the great frame up, etc) and also at your craft stores (hobby lobby, michaels, joann's), and sometimes at walmart.


keep in mind that often times your craft stores will be having a 50% off all framing sale and/or a coupon for 40-50% off any item.


laminating a poster is not your best bet. it can still wrinkle/slink down in the frame when it's laminated. If you mount them on foam board you can even get the plastic adhesive hooks on the back of the foam and hang them on the wall that way rather than framing them.


if you do go with a poster frame, make sure that the moulding (frame) itself is durable enough to support the weight of the glass. Unless you are using an acrylic then it's rather lightweight so you should have no worries. Avoid using plexiglass (not the same as acrylic!)



any other q's post up. my father owned The Great Frame Up for a long time, and up until recently I worked for a major art glass/glazing manufacturer.

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I've always bought them at Walmart (not the ones that hang by the posters though... too flimsy). I invest in the oak ones (pricey),but my daughter changes her mind on posters all the time so I can change them out. Same with my son. (in picture frame aisle)
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