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Sterling Silver Blue Topaz & Cubic Zirconia Ring [size 8] $2.70 Kohls.com. Was $20


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Sterling Silver Blue Topaz & Cubic Zirconia Ring $3 Kohls.com. Was $20.

Use code KOHLS1680 for 10% off.


If you have a kohls charge card you can use code MVC2207 for free shipping.




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Trying to order this ring, but can't seem to find where you put the code for free shipping. Help.

on the "Payment Information" page, under Promo Codes (lower left side of the page). They allow you to enter 2 different codes...



I should add that the codes starting with MVC (which just about all the free shipping codes are) require you to be using a Kohls charge card. There is a 10% off code for non Kohls charge card holder though, posted by the OP..

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anyone interested in buying me 3 rings (with their Kohls card - I don't have one) and in exchange, I will pay for their ring (and of course mine) and express shipping? I tried to order but the shipping was nearly 9.00. I'm too cheap for that. I want the rings for 2.70 X3 plus express shipping (plus the price of someone elses ring)



never mind, too complicated an offer just to save 2 or 3 dollars. I'll order and pay the high shipping.


UPDATE - I called and ordered by phone and got 4 rings for 16. including shipping so everything worked out.

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