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A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Inflatable - $19.99


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A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Lawn Ornament Inflatable - $19.99 At FYE.


I have been wanting one of these but did not want to pay the original price of $79.99 so I was excited to find them at FYE for $19.99! Just thought I'd post it in case anyone else has been wanting one and hasn't checked there (I never would have thought to check there! Just happen to see it in the window passing by)

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In talking about A Christmas Story Leg Lamp ..... I got a 550 piece puzzle of the Leg Lamp that comes in a wooden crate at Barnes and Nobel for 2.00. They have all of their xmas stuff marked for 1 or 2 dollars.

Oh, I want that too! Now to find a Barnes and Nobel! Not sure if we have any close by.:(

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I wanted a leg lamp for our window but we live across the street from a daycare center. I didn't want to destroy the innocence of the kids so early. I wonder what a lawn ornament would do:tongue1:

We live directly across from a church but next year, my leg lamp will be in the front yard ;)

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