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OMG!! Dillards!!! 90% off the 75% off!


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I just got back from Dillards in the Juniors dress department there had to be 200 or more dresses that are already marked down 50-75% and then there were signs up for an addtl 90% off the lowest price! I bought 5 dresses for 6.36 (original value 295) :eyepoppin



What Mall??

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At 1.-3 dollars a dress, i didn't try any one while i was there, i figured, owell, ebay it if it doesn't fit! Only one looks funny, and the one I paid .75 for has a broken zipper, but i can fix it. I may say to heck with the dress up clothes and get myself more!! i've been on the amazon thread stocking up for everyone else...It's my turn!!
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