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Once again, the success of the Black Friday site has caused an increase of daily, year-round traffic here on the forum. And to go along with that increase in traffic, I am announcing several new moderators today.


First of all, I'd like to welcome Cindy (freesia39) as our new site-wide moderator, joining Marcster and Scott. The four of us will be overseeing the entire forum and will be handling not only post and thread-related issues, but member issues as well. Cindy has been on the forum for over 3 years now and I know she'll do a great job.


Next, because of the dramatic increase in new threads posted in the Online Hot Deals forum, we have three new forum-specific moderators who will be in charge of that forum. These new moderators are Aaron, lennon2004 and noehlp. These moderators along with myself and the other site-wide moderators will make sure that the Online Hot Deals forum (which given the fact that this is primarily an online deals site is our most important forum) is as well-organized as possible. Deals that are no longer valid will be more quickly moved, thread titles will be edited to include more information, links will be added where missing, etc...


So our new team is:





GottaDeal Moderators





Forum-Specific Moderators

Aaron (Online Hot Deals)

happysunshine28 (Contests & Sweepstakes)

lennon2004 (Online Hot Deals)

mmm40 (Surveys & Research Studies)

noehlp (Online Hot Deals)

Rockfordmom (Freebies & Free Offers)

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