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drum set? What to look for?

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My daughter is in 7th grade, 2nd year of band playing the tenor sax. She wants a drum set for Christmas. I have no idea what to look for in a drum set. I want just a starter set incase she decides it's not her thing but I don't want a poor quality one either so that parts break right away. What do I need to look for?
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I was a music ed major. Percussion being my main My fave beginner brands are cb Percussion (that was my first set used it all the way through freshman year of college), never broke a thing. Be careful you do not buy a junior size. DW is another good one. The most inexpensive sets I have seen are verve (who also make the junior sets) but I have no experience with them.

Get some good sticks 5a or 5b.


Here's some tips, wrap the edge of the cymbals in towels to dampen the sound, you can purchase dampners and practice pads for the set too.


You can probably get a great deal at pawn shops. Used to buy a lot of equipment there.

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone. We will head to the stores. I did ask my husband for panel insulation in the room she will be putting the drum set. We will go to the store we rent her saxs that's a great idea maybe we can get a discount even though she isn't giving up her saxaphone.
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