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wii remote charging dock $12.99 shipped


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ok my opinion, is no.


problem #1......if you want to play, and your remote is low on juice, you have to stop and place on the charging dock. (or buy extra battery paks:( $$$$$)


#2 if you have 4 remotes, like we do, you will need the buy the 4 slot charger.... (much more expensive:($$$$$$ )


The way to go is RECHARGEABLE AA batteries.. and battery charger. My parents did the AA batteries and charger for their Wii also ... it works great!


Here is an example... you are playing , and the batteries are low in one of the controllers, that one is now out of order while it sits on the charging dock:( , but if you throw in the AA rechargables you can continue to play :D , while the other AA's recharge.... it's cheaper than buying the extra battery paks, and you can use the extra AA around the house in a pinch.. LOL

Once they die down, just swap the out again.

I even believe Walgreens has the AA rechargables on sale this week.


Good luck !!

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Justjessie, thank you so much for that information. I bought a wii for my 3 kids for Christmas and purchased three controllers and was unsure which way to turn when it came to purchasing the batteries. Does the controllers go thru the batteries quick? How many batteries should I purchase for the sets of controllers?
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Good rechargeable AA's are the way to go. Think about what you use AA's for - digital cameras, CD/MP3 players, game controllers, etc. I even put together a rechargable AA battery pack for my portable vehicle DVD player, so it could also be used on plane rides, etc. (lasts about 2 hours).
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