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Whats your attitude for BF


What is your opinion about BF shopping  

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  1. 1. What is your opinion about BF shopping

    • I'm a diehard- I would beg, steal or possibly kill to get the item I was after.
    • I'm a die hard however try hard to keep control of my emotions.
    • Its fun to watch grown adults act like 2 year olds.
    • I don't have anything else to do over the holiday season- why not?
    • Doesn't everyone like a great deal?
    • Black Friday- Whats that?

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I also fall into a few categories. I think how people act on BF is a good indication of how people act in everyday life situations. I would say the majority of us on this site enjoy the experience and are generally in a positive mood on BF -- we look forward to the deals every year, know what to expect and know (for the most part) what we want.
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I'm a bit bummed this year. So far the deals are mediocre. I was really hoping someone would come out with a dirt cheap desktop computer or a decent HDTV at a great price. I need spares of each of those, and so far nothing jumps right out and says, "Buy me!!"


Honestly, I miss the pricing war we've had the last couple years. It doesn't seem to be heating up too much so far.

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I actually voted on a couple. I consider myself a diehard, because we change Thanksgiving day to earlier in the week to make sure that we get in line in plenty of time. I HATE HATE HATE shopping on any other day of the year. This is all about getting the deals and people watching while I am at it. (Okay I don't really HATE shopping, but I definately don't really enjoy it.)
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