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Big Lots! 90% off Clearance


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Big Lots went to 90% on the clearance rack of Halloween and Christmas stuff.


Christmas gift bags large enough for shirts or small toys for .20

Small Halloween Gift Bags for .10

Gift Tags for Christmas .10 (Bought these at Wal-Mart last year for $2.xx

Christmas Gift Card Boxes by American Grettings .20

Orange Pumpkin Paper Cups in Package .25

Halloween Napkins .25

Plastic Halloween Spoons .25

Halloween Plates .25


There was a lot of stuff. There were some Christmas lights for .30 too.


These items were in the center ailse at the Lubbock, TX store near the front door. They were not in the Halloween or Christmas sections.


I spent $5.xx and left with three sacks. There is a price sheet above the display to tell you how much the products are with the 90% discount.


I am so excited that I finally found a really good deal!:eyepoppin

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Christmas lights?? Why would they have chrmas on sale at all let alone 90%?? hmmm

They were not the C7 or C9 lights. They were the really small ones. I don't go into Big Lots often, but this the the area where they generally of there items they bring in from some of the drug stores or grocery stores and discount them. They don't have a Big Lots tag on them. They have the original stores tags then the 90% of that.

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