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What is your BF ritual?

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#31 dgleason  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 25, 2007 - 2:20 pm

I get a group of crazy people like myself and organize teams consisting of 3-4 people. We have a quarterback, runningbacks, and a linebacker... ok, the linebacker only waits in line and isn't like the actual football term, but it's a fun word... moving on... The quarterback acts as captain, the runningbacks are the crazies going all over the store that has been scoped out a week before to find out where the certain items will be. The linebacker is usually an older/frail or moody person who doesn't want to participate, but wants the bf deals (in our teams, you have to participate in order to reap the benefits of BF).

How do you get on the team? Do you have a draft? Are there tryouts?

#32 Calico372003  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 25, 2007 - 2:48 pm

Day before Thanksgiving we get the newspaper to see what stores have Thanksgiving day sales. We then decided if thereis anything worth going to get. Sometimes there is and sometimes not. We usually search the BF site long before BF factually gets here to see what we want. We keep in contact with hubdy's parents and brothers who are also avid BF shoppers. Everyone makes out a list of what they want for each store. Then we split up the stores between us all who are doing the shopping usually between 5-7 of us. We get up early and check and see if anything of the early bird special can be purchased online. If so, one person is designated to do the online shopping for everyone. We then split up and all go to our designated stores and get what everyone wants. We keep in constant contact through cell phones the whole morning. Keep in mind we have all these people shopping in different states and cities. LOL So it can get pretty interesting. Then we contact each other after it's all over to tell what everyone owes. Usually we get together sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas so everyone can get what they wanted without having to pay for shipping. Once in a while we actually all get together for Thanksgiving and it makes things a lot easier.

#33 jellybean051901  OFFLINE  


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Posted Sep 26, 2007 - 1:08 am

Thanks to GD I usually have my game plan laid out before T-Day..I get the paper ads just to finalize plans
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#34 BFQueenofNY  OFFLINE  


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Posted Sep 30, 2007 - 12:50 pm

I cook on Thanksgiving. Period. end of story. The family knows this. We get up early and I do all the last minute preps. The kids and I watch the parade and then I break out March of the Wooden Soldiers (It used to come on tv every year when I was a child). Fast forward dinner is over, the company cleans up and my sil, niece and I clear the kitchen table, get out our lists, ask mil what she needs and then plan the morning store by store deciding what is #1 needed item and down the line. I set the coffee pot with the timer for 3am and off to bed by 10pm the latest. We are usually done and home by 11am

"Clearance shopping is my middle name"
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#35 mccabefamily29  OFFLINE  



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Posted Sep 30, 2007 - 2:41 pm

Well the past few years I have done early early Thanksgiving food. Get the ad from the paper asap to look at. Rest through the evening, then head out around 11-12 to get in line. Probably earlier this year, I have a thing about wanting to be first I guess because if I am first I don't have to worry about people cutting in front of me.

#36 imginah  OFFLINE  


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Posted Oct 2, 2007 - 7:01 am

Mine starts on Thanksgiving too! I drive about an hour to the closest Kmart after I have my Thanksgiving dinner. Then when I'm done at Kmart, if there are other stores open I check them out too. Then I stop at Longways Diner and have a post Thanksgiving dinner, hehe. After I get home I wrap what I've purchased today so I don't get behind, then I go to bed early and get up around midnight. I have to drive about an hour to the Army base and I like to be first in line with my group of grabbers at the AAFES store. Then I go into the city and hit all the stores in the mall after AAFES opens. I usually still have time to get to the mall before they open their doors. Then I stop at Longway's Diner and have a post shopping breakfast. ;) Longways has been a Black Friday tradition forever and the cook and waitresses always come out on Thanksgiving and ask what I'm getting. Several times I've even gotten a few things they wanted to grab but had to work the early morning shift. Once I had to wait out a blizzard there! They make my Black Friday enjoyable after fighting the crowds and traffic!
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#37 peifgirl  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 2, 2007 - 11:53 am

go to bed early thanksgiving day...wake up around 330am start callin friend to get her rear out of bed....take off around 4am...pick her up and head to our first store....we never get anything that people stand in line all night for so this works out for us...we always take a pit stop at starbucks and krispy kremes too....

#38 Miss Star  OFFLINE  

Miss Star


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Posted Oct 2, 2007 - 1:02 pm

Wake up Thanksgiving morning, me and my mom go to Kmart for sweet deals and to see my best friend hard at work lol Come home finish fixing the big meal and make final plans for BF. We usually already know what we are getting and where we are going, thanks to GD! :D Go to bed early, wake up around 4am, make a stop to get some cappuccinos and hit the stores. Try to get everything on our list from all the various stores, than meet up with a friend of mine who always goes to Circuit City and gets me some the DVD's they always have and give her whatever I got her at the other places lol Go home, leftovers, and nap :yup:

#39 mcapel4444  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 2, 2007 - 2:21 pm

Well my ritual now starts in October, to start checking on here everyday. :cheesy: Thanksgiving, I will cook dinner here for our family. As soon as the Turkey get in the oven at 7am, I will sit with my paper and start looking thru ads in case I missed anything. ( Will have a master list made up way in advance of things to get at each store). Will talk to my brother a few times that day to find out our plan of attack. Depending on where we go this year, I will gather my supplies, and possible go camp out early at Best Buy. Usually we are up and gone by 2-3am, stopping for coffee & hot chocolate. We kind of stick together in stores, but have our cell phones in case we split up from each other. We usually hit most of our stores, then go grab breakfast/lunch, and then hit a few more stores. We usually are done about 3pm. Somewhere in all this, we end up dumping stuff at their house 2 or 3 times, depending on what we buy. I can't wait til next month! :)

#40 andyw06  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 2, 2007 - 4:37 pm

For me I am doing recon and intel on this site and sometime on Wednesday night I am in front of BB with my tent camping out.

I will also spend Wednesday doing some recon, I like to try and se the packaging on some items. When I wake up depends on the items I want, really early 2 years ago for the Walmart laptop, not so early last year.

#41 andreabeth  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 6, 2007 - 6:55 pm

Okay, I just have to ask....... what deals does Best Buy have that people camp out for- do you mean in line- all night, with tents???? I don't usually go there much, and not on BF, it is in the other direction from where I normally shop- but am wondering what people are camping for? andrea

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