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*** GottaPoints Point System Ending - WINNERS ANNOUNCED! ***


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It is with mixed emotions that I announce that the GottaPoints point system on the board is ending. While the system started off as a good way to reward people for posting and doing other things, over time the value of points decreased because of it being easy to accumulate points in certain forums/threads, and it was always a chore for me to keep items in the store.


This announcement does not mean, however, that contests will end. We will still have many great contests on the board, but for the most part, they will reward those who contribute to the core purpose of the site, that of a place to share hot deals. Be on the lookout for separate announcements about these contests in the next few weeks.


Now I'm sure you're all thinking, "what about the points in my account?" Good question. For those of you who still have GottaPoints remaining, we'll give you the opportunity to spend them on one final drawing. We are going to give away $200 in Amazon.com gift certificates (ten $20 certificates). Contest entries for the Amazon gift certificate drawing will cost 50 GottaPoints each.


The contest will have an unlimited number of entries, so you can use up all your points. The contest will run for a little over one week and will end next Friday March 16th at midnight PST. Winners will be chosen over the weekend and announced on Monday. Winners will have one week from Monday to respond to the PM I send and claim your prize, or it will be forfeited.


Effective immediately, GottaPoints will no longer be awarded for any action on the board. Once the contest is over, all mentions of GottaPoints will be removed from the forum.


To buy contest entries, or transfer GottaPoints, go here: http://www.gottadeal.com/GottaPoints


If you have any questions about this announcement, please PM me. Thanks :)

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http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b399/Marcster2005/Smileypad/Yes/EMOPOwooHooHL.gif Awesome!!! Thanks, Brad!


I think this book is calling my name:




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This was so much fun. And such a wonderful way to spend our points.

There was so much fun sharing points with people. I have to say this was a fun time spending points and seeing people that needed points and seeing people give points away.


We are truely a wonderful online family.


I am thinking about getting the movie Happy Feet.


Has anyone seen the movie is it any good?


Well I ordered Happy Feet. I should get it by the middle of next week.

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