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I got an email from Big Lots today offering a printable 20% off entire purchase coupon good through February 3, 2007. There does not appear to be any specific number, only a bar code and 999999 under it. It does say limit 1 coupon per family and the usualy blah, blah. If anyone wants, I think that I can send the link to you. If I am in error, please let me know.


It does say on the bottom:

Cashiers: to apply discount, scan all items, press employee discount key and use barcode or # as employee number.

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Thanks...I am getting my new living room suit there....I bought the one I have now 9 yrs ago and it is still in such good shape and it has been through 2 girls....I just want a new set...time for one...lol...so I am going back to them....I bought 2 gliders there then and got 2 from Walmart last yr and the new ones are junk and the 9 yrs old ones are still good.....I got this email but some how deleted it so I need to to my trash..lol
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