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Meijer 50% additional off Mens, Womens, and Kids Clothing


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I just got back from returning stuff at Meijer (here in Indiana) and they are having coupons in the store for an additional 50% off all mens, womens, and kids clothing and accessories (excluding shoes, jewelry, and one other thing I can't remember) I got two bags full for 20 bucks! I got an nice button up top for work (suede like) for 4.xx, a zip up fleece top for 3.xx, got a pair of sag harbor dress pants for 4.xx (regular 36$!), got my hubby a white short sleeved polo shirt, a long sleeved dress shirt each for 3.xx. I also noticed they have some leftover summer stuff (clearance) from last year out too. Didn't find anything for me, but had some great deals on shorts and stuff with the extra 50 off! Not sure if all Meijer's are doing this clearance or not, but they even still had some nice winter coats as well! Tons of mens sweatshirts and sweatpants.......was in a rush so didn't get to the sleepwear.....got a few other things too......
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I just got back from Meijer and got a bunch of Dora red long sleeve nightgowns for 1.49, plus 50% off. They were originally $14.99. The cashier insisted they weren't supposed to be that price and tried to get a manager to say no to me....if that's what they ring up, that's what they are she said! Woo-hoo. My daughter loves Dora, even if she has a santa hat on!
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Oh my gosh!! I went to Meijer at lunchtime to get scissors and apples and boy did I get some deals for my sons.


Everything that I bought was already 75% off and then another 50% off.


UC Hoodies $3.74 with an extra 50% off ($1.80)

Matching UC sweatpants same price

Boys turtleneck $1.74 with an extra 50% off (.87)

Long sleeve tshirt 3.74 with 50% off....




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