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Anybody know of a reliable site for over the counter and/or prescription drugs?

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My Mother is looking to save a little bit of money on a few of her medications, so I thought I’d ask here if anybody knows of a site that has a good reputation where she can do that.


Obviously, she’s concerned with saving money, but I’m also concerned with quality. The last thing I want is for her to buy something because it’s cheap only to discover that they “watered it down” so that they could sell it cheap. Or even worse, they’ve hired a bunch of fools who don’t know what they’re doing who end up sending my mom the wrong thing.


So, does anybody know of a site that has a reputation for quality and reasonably low prices? And if you have any first hand dealings with any such site, and you’d like to pass it along, that’d be most helpful.

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Thanks for the input, guys. I’ll pass those sites/stores along to my Mother.


If anybody else has any input, it would be greatly appreciated. This is definitely the sort of thing where the more opinions that you get, the better.


While I’m at it, let me ask if any of you have ever heard of a web site called http://www.americarx.com? I spoke to my mother earlier this evening and she said that she stumbled upon that site while trying to do a little bit of investigating for herself. She wanted me to ask if anybody out there knew of, or had any experience with them. It’s the first time that I’ve ever heard of that site, but perhaps it’s familiar to somebody out there. If so, could you tell me what you might know about them?

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There is a program out there called Rxoutreach.com its for people who do not have insurance . My mom uses them its mail order through and for a 90 Day Supply - You pay $20 or $30 regardless of the number of pills your doctor prescribes per day. There is a list of drugs that they cover... You have to fill out the paper work to see if you qualify .. Hope this helps someone ..
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