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Michaels Coupon

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I haven't figured out a way to get Michael's coupons without buying a newspaper. I've asked when I went in the store before but they always say I have to have the ad...apparently my Michael's isn't as nice as mln51's. I've registered for their emails but they don't include any coupons.


If your Michael's accepts competitor coupons...

1) At Joann's you can fill out a form by the registers or customer service desk and they will mail and/or email you ads with coupons.

2) Hobby Lobby you can register online for their emails and they include coupons every week even if the ad in the paper did not have a coupon <--Awesome! Mostly the coupon is 40% off anything in the store, but some weeks it is specific like 25% off a Wilton product or such

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I ask at the register too. Okay, I confess, I usually tell them I forgot it at home but last time I just asked the girl if I didn't have one that I forgot, but just told her I did, could I still get the discount and she said yes and discounted the highest regular price item by 40% or maybe 50% (whatever the value of the coupon was for that week). The worst thing that can happen is they will not honor the "forgotten" coupon, but they don't burst into flames or anything.
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lol I like the last one ... "burst into flames or something" ... I will definately ask at the counter. I have a really tight budget on what I need from there and without the coupon it doesn't pay for me to go there.


Wish I had an AC Moore ... I get to go there when I visit my sister in NY and this year they had exactly what I wanted ... at 3 dollars cheaper than Michaels ... and it was 1/2 off ...


Thanks everyone


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