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any vegas deals

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Most of the Vegas deals that I know are from past visitors who sign up for the Rewards Cards and use them when gambling. I get offers all the time, but they can only be redeemed by me.


I typically get offers for 3-4 free nights and $250-$300 in free gambling money.


The rewards cards look like this:


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Sign up with their email service now! *laughs* Go to like Treasureisland.com and sign up with them and all of their partner hotels (the Mirage and stuff). You'll get deals in your email all the time. Treasure Island, I think, is the cheapest hotel you can stay at that is still really nice. It has a shuttle to the Mirage and everything. They have a free show, a nice club with free admission, and really good food. If you have an AmEx, you automatically get a $40 food coupon and a $40 spa coupon when you book with them.


(PS - most night average under $80 at TI when you start to get those emails, just to give you a ball park)

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Definitely get on mailing lists for the casinos. Sign up on their websites asap to get their offers.


Check out the 2007 edition of the American Casino Guide. They have loads of coupons for buffets, gambling, rooms and shows. You can get it for under $12 at Amazon.com, buy.com and bn.com. Here is a list of coupons offered for the 2007 edition.




Also, checkout priceline.com and expedia.com for disounted room info.:)

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