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Diego Rescue Center

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I had went to WM the day before yesterday (this item is on my 3 y/o list) it was 39.99, checked online a couple places had it for $33 something but with shipping it exceeded $40. So I went to WM to purchase this yeasterday along with a few other gifts. I went to the same shelf I had seen the day before GONE oh I was getting upset so I started pacing the aisles and just happened to look at the middle shelves the have right before toys. There it was Diego's Talking Rescue Center $20:eyepoppin . Excellent $20 price drop for me, just cant believe they dropped a whole $20 overnight :P



Anyway if anyone is needing one of these might want to check local WM se what the price is.

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WOW!! I just bought this at TRU, because my parents were looking for it in NY for my son and couldn't find it, so I got nervous, figuring TRU would definitely have it...I paid $40, but had a $5 off coupon, and it goes on sale tomorrow for $34.99 there, so I will get a price adjustment. I was just in WM tonight and saw them, but didn't notice that they were $20, so maybe not in my WM...have stuff to return there tomorrow anyway, so I'll be sure to check that out! Thanks for letting us know!
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