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Need Coach coupons.. Please


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I get coach coupons a few times a year, but you have to ask to be included on their mailing list. I don't have one now otherwise I'd send it. Have you ever been to outlet? They usually have some dirt cheap prices on clearance items. And if you find stuff that is made specifically to be sold in the oulet only, those are usually very good deals. You can see if they are outlet only by looking for a "bullseye" imprint on the leather creed. Wow, just talking about it made me decide to get out today and drive the 20 miles to the outlet.
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OK EVERYONE, I just called Coach. If you go into a regular Coach store and tell them that you called the corpoate store and to mention it they will give you the 25% off without having a coupon in hand. Only regular priced and regular Coach store, not outlets or Macys.
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AMEN on Dillards! I got a new Coach from Dillards also. Normal $252, 25% off, brought down to $171.00, then additional 30% off brought new total to $119.00. WOO HOO. LOVE my Coach's.

wow!!! better than the outlet prices :D


did you notice if they had any Dooney & Burke there marked down too?? My 18 yr old buys her own Coach purses.. and I buy the Dooney & Burke for her & my 14 yr old.. cheaper than Coach

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