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GONE! Pre-order PS3 at BestBuy.com $599 - Update 11/6: $10 GCs being sent


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Sony PlayStation 3 60GB System


Your world just got smaller. Embark on an adventure to discover the fascinating world of next-generation gaming — a world where your imagination and reality collide in vivid realism. Stretch beyond the confines of your normal life and into an alternate reality so lifelike you'll feel as though you can reach out and touch it. Imagine living out your wildest sports fantasies by competing against the greatest professional athletes of all time who are brought to life in such extraordinary detail you can count the beads of sweat rolling off their foreheads. Or, step back in time and parachute into some of the most famous battles in history as you fight through breathtaking landscapes and tumultuous battlegrounds that will make your heart beat out of your chest. No matter where your path to excitement leads you, the PlayStation 3 will make your destination come alive.


It all begins with Blu-ray, a next-generation media format that boasts more than five times the storage capacity of traditional DVDs. More storage capacity means a larger canvas to create high-definition, 1080p graphics and a level of interaction never before seen in video gaming. At the heart of the PlayStation 3 is the Cell Broadband Engine. Developed by engineers from Sony, SCEI, IBM and Toshiba, this advanced, state-of-the-art microprocessor features eight Synergistic Processor Units to balance processor workload, making it significantly more powerful than traditional single-core processors. The innovative PlayStation 3 wireless controllers use a multi-axis motion sensing system, allowing you to use your controller as a natural extension of your body with real-time precision. Let your PSP join in the fun — it can be used as a remote or even as a rear-view mirror with select PlayStation 3 racing titles. On top of all of these awesome technologies, the PlayStation 3 60GB System also features an HDMI connection for high-definition audio and video, Memory Stick, Secure Digital and CompactFlash media card slots, Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless Internet access and a whopping 60GB hard drive. PlayStation 3 is more than a gaming console — it's an experience.


Product Features:

  • 60GB internal hard drive provides exceptional storage space for game saves, media and more
  • Cell Broadband Engine state-of-the-art microprocessor is more powerful and efficient than standard single-core processors, delivering breakthroughs in fidelity and believability
  • Blu-ray media stores up to five times more data than DVDs, providing a larger canvas for unbelievable graphics and unprecedented interaction; Blu-ray drive also plays Blu-ray movies for a high-definition experience with your favorite films
  • Multi-axis motion sensing system immerses you in a realistic gaming experience by making the wireless controller an extension of your body, all in real time with high precision
  • HDMI connection allows high-definition audio and video transfer through one cable
  • Dolby 5.1 DTS surround sound envelops you in awesome audio for an incredible gaming or movie experience
  • Plays your old PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games, DVDs and CDs, so you can merge all of your entertainment into one machine
  • Memory Stick, Secure Digital and CompactFlash media card slots provide a variety of storage options
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth technology allow you to connect your console to the Internet wirelessly
  • Log online and battle your friends in numerous PlayStation 3 games, or download a variety of content through the system's Internet capabilities
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<a href="http://www.gottadeal.com/Deal/17362" target="_blank"><img src="http://ec2.images-amazon.com/images/P/B000IZWNLG.01._SCTZZZZZZZ_V39786759_.jpg" border="0"></a><br /><br />BestBuy.com has PS3s for preorder - hurry and place your order!<br /><br /><a href="http://www.gottadeal.com/Deal/17362" target="_blank">HURRY! Sony Playstation 3 Preorder at BestBuy.com NOW $599.99 @ Best Buy</a><br /><br />


(main site deal thread merged into RossMAN's)

A little late.:cheesy: jk

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I think that the price mistake has to do with upcoming Wii preorders, since somebody on a different forum stated that the sku in the url is that of the Wii's. Just a guess though, seeing as how Wii is going to be priced at 250.

When are there going to be preorders for the Wii?

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My husband wanted me to watch a boxing match on HBO with him and I hate boxing, but watched or peeked as long as I could and this is the thanks that I get. LOL. I told him that I missed this and all he could say was, "OH".

I know how ya feel. I was peeved I missed this too. However there is a big chance that all order will be canceled.

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That $249.99 price might have been just to hold your pre-order and when they actually ship your PS3, they will charge the rest to your account.Or they may just cancel it.

- BB puts the price for the entire system for pre-order items. So the $249.99 isn't the price they charge for a pre-order, nor the price of the entire system. BB authorizes the card for the full amount (puts the funds on hold), and then charges your card when the item ships.


Do they include any games or movies ? Because they don't seem to say anything on the BB website.

- Just the basic system, whatever normally comes with it. Amazon has a good description of what comes with the premium model > http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0009VXAM0/ref=pd_rvi_gw_1/102-6329540-4132116
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BestBuy is claiming they made an error and that the PS3 was not supposed to be available via pre-order via their website.


This means that the orders may or may not be cancelled. If BestBuy can get the amount needed to fulfill the orders, they will honor it, else they won't be able to.

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I think they should honor their mistake. :yup: I do, even though I'm over here :bigcry:.

Been there. I don't think it will happen. BB is not good for owning up to their mistakes. I've had 2 laptops cancelled in the last year because they made a mistake on their site. You might get burnt. :flame:

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