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*** List of dates BF ads came out last year ***


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Here are when last year's ads were posted on the site:


10/20/05 - Wal-Mart's Early Bird

10/21/05 - Wal-Mart's "Main" BF Ad

10/25/05 - Harbor Freight

10/26/05 - Walgreen's (list of rumored items)

10/27/05 - Costco (list of rumored items)

10/31/05 - Sears

11/2/05 - Ace Hardware

11/6/05 - Military BX (AAFES)

11/7/05 - Black & Decker Outlet Store

11/8/05 - CompUSA

11/9/05 - Toys R Us RadioShack, Kmart's Early Bird (extensive list for Kmart items on 11/10)

11/10/05 - Spencer Gifts

11/11/05 - Best Buy

11/12/05 - Staples, GameStop/EBGames

11/13/05 - OfficeMax

11/14/05 - JCPenney & Target

11/15/05 - Kohl's, IKEA, Linens & Things, Bass Shops (list of rumored items for Bass Shops)

11/17/05 - Menards

11/18/05 - Circuit City & Sam's Club


(thanks to Marcster for compiling this list)


So as you see, tehre weren't many ads out until the beginning of November, so be patient - they'll be released eventually :)

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Did that WM early bird ad really come that early last year? I still remember the chaos the price on that HP desktop & laptop created. Can't wait to see what happens this year. :D Eagerly anticipating WM, BB, and Fry's Electronics.

Yep :groovin:


10/19/2006 - items posted http://forums.gottadeal.com/showthread.php?t=15670

10/20/2006 - ad scans posted http://forums.gottadeal.com/showthread.php?t=15790

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I wonder if WM is keeping theirs more under wraps this year.

Yes, I posted this on another topic as well. From what I understand, there are some major "security" checkpoints being implemented. This includes truck drivers, etc. We'll see what happens I guess. I am sure someone will find the ad, but I bet it won't be easy.
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