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Will Grey's Anatomy Season 2 go any lower than $29 with or without rebates?


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Is that before or after tax? DDD has it for $34.66, but they're in Ilinois so you'd have to add tax. FYE probably has a location in Illinois too, so that's why I asked if it was before or after tax. :)


I hate rebates, so for a difference of $5 I'd probably go the non-rebate route.


But to answer your question - that seems like a really good price from what I've seen, I wouldn't expect to see it much lower than that for a while.

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If you're planning to shop on Black Friday, lots of stores had extremely good deals on DVD sets that day to drive customers in to the store. That's how I started watching the Sex & the City, Chappelle show (season 2), South Park, & Family Guy because of the sale price on DVD sets the day after Thanksgiving. Target & Best Buy had the best deals on TV sets. I remeber even seeing 24 although I didn't buy it.
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